BTC to NRG: Which One to Invest in?


How to Form a Portfolio?

When forming an investment portfolio, consider three aspects: the shares of certain coins, portfolio diversification, and hedging. Experts give the following tips about BTC to NRG:

  • About 20-30% of the portfolio should be invested in the most capitalized assets. Currently, these include BTC and ETH. They represent different sectors of the crypto market that will help you with diversification.
  • 40% should be allocated to assets from the top 100 of the crypto market, less capitalized but liquid and with high investment potential.
  • Another 20% should be invested in tokens of current projects with low capitalization, for example, Energi. It is an aggressive share of the portfolio that can bring good profit. You can always use BTC to NRG converter to return your investment to bitcoin.
  • Leave the remaining 10-20% of the capital for hedging.

Investing in BTC

Bitcoin undoubtedly remains the most attractive digital asset. According to the Bitcoin Treasuries portal, 13 public companies own bitcoins worth nearly $6 billion. The largest BTC holders among them are:

  • Square – 8,027 BTC;
  • Tesla – 43,200 BTC;
  • MicroStrategy – 92,08 BTC;
  • Marathon Digital Holdings – 5,425 BTC.

More companies are likely to follow the lead of Tesla and MicroStrategy and become Bitcoin whales in 2021.

The easiest way to start investing in bitcoin is to use the Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) strategy. A person doesn’t invest a lump sum but divides it in installments made over some period of time. The main goal of this strategy is to minimize risks and losses from fluctuations. Probably, this method will not make you rich overnight, but no one can forecast accurately how the market will develop. 

Investing in NRG

Along with the fluctuations in the price of bitcoin, altcoins show a noticeable increase. And some of them are really worth attention, for example, ENERGI (NRG). It is a fork of the cryptocurrency named Dash. This crypto project was developed and promoted without any extra investments, only by its creator and main developer. NRG is a whole ecosystem that focuses on decentralized apps, smart contracts, and staking.  

The NRG system is similar to other ecosystems powered by cryptocurrencies. A good comparison ‒ Ethereum. In both cases, users need to use the system’s tokens to enjoy all the options of the mentioned ecosystems. 

Tokens can be earned through launching an Energi masternode. For this, you need to have at least 1,000 NRG coins, an active MyEnergi wallet, VPS running round the clock, and a dedicated IP address. Every month, a platform gives out 400,000 coins to masternode holders. NRG can be used for transactions in the smart contracts/dApp ecosystem.

In general, NRG has all chances to become a profitable project that took the best from Ethereum and Dash. It is going to become a strong platform with a powerful self-financing system. It can create a favorable environment for the rapid growth of the NRG coin.


To make the right investment in digital assets, you must closely follow all the crypto events and learn to understand what kind of impact they hold. You will find a lot of tips in the blogs run by experts in this industry. Also, you can follow different channels that can present you with the material in the form you like the most. Whether you like to listen to the experts or read detailed analysis about new crypto projects ‒ you will find it all. 

Remember that the main threat any investor can possibly face is the cryptocurrency bubble fueled by a big amount of hype around it. But with the correct approach, cryptocurrencies are worth attention. Even if these are high-risk assets, wise investments can bring profits in less than a month. Long-term investing in cryptocurrency can also lead to excellent results. Some experts believe that the price of Bitcoin will increase up to $100 thousand during this year. But no matter whether you choose Bitcoin or NRG, you must be aware of all the risks and always be prepared for price fluctuations.

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