5 Customer Service Trends to Keep an Out for in the Future

It is about time that we start talking about customer service importance and the emerging trends in its landscape. Enterprises on all levels have begun to recognize the crucial play a top-quality customer service experience can play in not only gaining more clients but retaining the existing ones as well. By enlisting the help of the latest technology, you can also successfully offer an incredible experience to your customers.

In this article, we are going to walk you through all the trends that are expected to emerge in customer service in the near future. 

It is highly important that a company should invest in providing a top-notch experience to all its customers. As a matter of fact, according to research by Dimension Data, 84% of companies have reported witnessing a significant increase in their revenue after working on improving customer experience. 

Customers, in the current times, don’t only care about the products but they also want value for their money by receiving exceptional support. This is one key factor that distinguishes your brand from your competitors. 

Customers look for a brand that provides value beyond their purchase, just like HughesNet. This telecom company offers an amazing support team to its customers by providing them with multiple channels to contact. In addition, to live chat and social media accounts, you can also contact HughesNet Customer Service via the app and even pay your bills pretty conveniently. You can also visit the website to check out the best HughesNet Internet Plans for yourself. 

This goes to show that companies now work tirelessly to make sure their customers are receiving unmatchable service. Having said that, if you are looking to improve your CS department, then here are the trends you need to keep under consideration. 

1. Incorporating the Element of Personalization 

One of the trends that are already in action is the touch of personalization and customized experience for every client. Customers appreciate it when you make them feel valued and appreciated. And the best way to do it is by providing them with personalized services. 

According to Deloitte research, customers tend to make purchases of 20% premium for products that are customized to their unique style and taste. In this regard, companies like Nike and Adidas come out as big names who are known for providing such services to their customers. By launching personalizable shoes, which consequently, help them in generating more revenue.

In the near future, with the help of 3D technology, customers can expect to get their hands on products that are made exclusively for themselves. 

2. Omnichannel Support

Omnichannel support is not a new trend but it will be fully functional and incorporated by companies in the coming few months. Conventionally, brands only used to provide services via phones or perhaps, emails. In some cases, they might even offer multiple-channel support, which is different than omnichannel. 

But in the near future, we can expect Omnichannel Support to be prioritized by companies for a seamless experience. 

This also means that they will be actively taking help from the latest technologies and will be opening their arms to modern strategies in order to facilitate customers in every realm. 

3. Significant Increase in Phygital Experience 

In a discussion regarding customer experience, you might have heard the term “phygital” being casually thrown around. It may not roll off the tongue smoothly but the concept behind it is pretty simple. Phygital is a combination of physical and digital experiences. It combines the best elements of physical and digital experience and then provides high-quality service. 

Its best example is food franchises like McDonald’s or convenience stores, where you can walk into a physical place and order something from digital kiosks. Countries like Japan and South Korea have already started adopting this trend in various industries. 

4. Incorporation of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR/VR)

AR/VR has taken the world by storm. They have managed to firmly find their place in every industry. In the coming few months, they are expected to become a part of everyone’s daily routine. AR/VR is going to change the way we carry out basic tasks in everyday life. 

Whether it is checking out clothes or furniture for your home, VR is definitely going to rule the way we shop and interact. 

In terms of CS, representatives will provide their services to customers by using VR. They will be assisting the client on the spot using this technology, making it a piece of cake for both parties to offer and receive support. 

5. Increase in Chatbots and AI

AI and chatbots are already in full swing, but in the coming years, they are going to take the front seat. By providing an immersive experience, AI has already made it easy for people to accept it as their new normal. 

Various industries have been taking advantage of AI due to various reasons. For starters, AI and chatbots are economical and can offer assistance to customers instantly, without making them wait for long hours in line. 

Furthermore, AI is used to make sure the customers stay connected with the company and the newest technology of chatbot makes it seem like the conversation is taking place in a two-way. 

Final Words 

As we know it, the customer service industry is changing rapidly and in a good way. It will be dominated by the latest technology, while also keeping the touch of “humans” in it. Nevertheless, the above-mentioned trends seem promising in providing top-quality experiences to customers. 

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