How to Write YouTube Comments in Bold, Italics & Strikethrough

YouTube Comments in Bold: ‘Youtube’, who doesn’t know the power of Youtube? Everyone knows because it is one of the largest platforms of video streaming. Youtube is making a lot of people rich day by day. Video content is becoming very sought-after and popular. Everyone wants to become famous and earn money, so do I!

How To Write YouTube Comments in Bold, and Italic

If we want to get any information then we open Youtube if we want to entertain ourselves then we open Youtube, what’s more, if we have some information and any kind of skill, what you want to share or entertain the audience then we create a Youtube channel.


Now Youtube user has the power of formatting comments on videos. Yes, now that Youtube has recently launched the facility. By this, you can make your comment eye-catching and highlighted by making text bold, italics, and strike-though.

But question is that how to use these? You read the article thoroughly. You will find everything.

YouTube Comment Formatting

It is newly launched. So there are so many users who are not familiar with these. It is not a big deal. It is a game of some symbols. You can make your text bold, italics and strike-through.

Bold the Comment: It means to make your text a little bit thicker, which can attract readers on the text. It draws readers ‘experience because it looks a tad different than normal text.


For example: “your videos are splendid” in bold “your videos are splendid”

Comments in Italics: It means make any word and sentence in the text a little different in terms of emphasizing that particular word on which you want to get the reader’s attention. By this, you tilt your text.


For example: “make a video on business WhatsApp” in italics “make a video on business WhatsApp”

Strikethrough the text: Striking through means to draw a vertical line over any specific word. It describes the validity of ford that this particular word is out of the window. It is used generally to show the deduction of the price that earlier it used to be but now has changed.


But if you want to use that you can like the example below

For example: “I don’t like your videos on Youtube” after strike-through “I don’t like your videos in youtube ” “now I like your videos ”

Note- It means what you had said. It is no longer. Now you like it.

How to Format YouTube Comment?

So far I have told you what is Bold, Italics, and Strikethrough, and when to use which one. But the question arises, how to use them in the YouTube comments.

Make your YouTube Comment bold:

Make your comment bold. Just enclose the text you want to make bold in asterisks sign (*).One ahead of the word and one after means like suffix and prefix.


For example: In this text, this *bold* will become bold.

Make your YouTube Comment Italics:

Make your comment italics. Enclose the text with underscores from both sides (_). One ahead of the word and one after means like suffix and prefix.


For example: Here, this _word_ will become italics.

Strikethrough in the comments:

Make your comment strike-through. Enclose the text with hyphens from both sides (or dashes). One ahead of the word and one after means like suffix and prefix.


For example: Here, this -strikethrough- will strikethrough

Bottom Line About YouTube Bold, Italic Comments

In this article, you got some words of presentation. I hope that it would be beneficial for all of you. But there is something important for you. Don’t use these on an entire comment. Use them accordingly I have told you their uses. And be with us wholeheartedly. I will keep giving the kind of information. Don’t forget to comment!

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