World of Warcraft Gold and Is It Cheap

There are many players that want to buy World of Warcraft Gold, but they don’t know how and where. A lot of websites promise to sell WoW Gold at a low price, but are they safe or not? The article will help people to get the answer to how to find cheap WoW gold!

It’s a tricky question for many players. You might have tried to find the answer online, but there are too many websites that sell WoW Gold. So which one is the best and safest?

The article is written from a professional player perspective. It tells readers how to and should they buy World of Warcraft Gold. How to do it safely, and where can they find cheap WoW gold for sale online. Read this article now and learn more!

How to get Cheap Gold in WoW

Everyone reading this already knows about gold and for what it is used. Now onto the main point – how to get it, moreover cheaply. That can be quite a tricky question as gold is never cheap. Moreover, being the primary currency in the World of Warcraft, it can be used for numerous things. Thus acquiring it and later using it is not an easy process.

You can get it in many ways when it comes to the currency. But one of the easiest ones is:

  • Crafting Items – can be anything from armors to potions.
  • Selling Food – valid for many players, especially in raids!
  • Offering yourself as a mercenary for Quests or Raids.

Although these are some of the ways, they are not all of them. However, if your goal is to get gold easily – pick any of them. Now, although they are good options, all are time costly. As you can not expect everything to be too easy – you have to spend time to get the so precious WoW currency.

The fastest and laziest way to get gold cheaply tho is by buying it from a vendor – sounds shady, right? Well, it is, but at the same time, it isn’t. As many players tend to buy the currency rather than farm for it. There are numerous ways to do it, but they mostly get it from players who farm it and later sell it for real cash.

Is it safe to buy gold in WoW?

As we said shady, that is what we meant. Buying gold is generally safe – as they will rarely catch you. But it is by no means legal, as the Blizzard company is strictly against it. That means if you get caught selling or buying gold, you can permanently get banned.

Because of that reason, the deals are “shady,” they do not happen in the game and often are outside the platform. Of course, you do not have to fret, although it is not permitted to trade gold for real money. They will rarely catch you as there are numerous precautions taken! Plus, in general, the company wants players to play their game, so sometimes they let it slide.

Now let us talk more about why it is safe to do it. Starting with the fact that the parties often use VPNs, making it hard to get their IP traced. To the fact that the transfer happens fast and efficiently.

Most gold sellers have their websites if you use the so-called “official” ones. You can choose the amount and where you want the currency on their sites. Then, all that you have to do is pay – in a safe way and get your WoW gold.

Now on to what is not safe – shady, shady sellers. Do not even think about buying gold from someone random in the game. That way, you will most likely get yourself banned or scammed. Unfortunately, there are many who will use your trustworthy nature and just take your money. That is why getting the currency from the official seller is the best option!

How much is gold worth in WoW?

That is a good thing to talk about. In general, gold is worth a lot to the player because it can serve for various purposes. Which are essential in the game progress and how ahead you can go. So in that sense, it is incredibly worth it to have gold.

Gold can vary in price in a price-like aspect, especially if you look at the different sellers. For example, back in the “golden” time of the game, the currency was quite pricey to get. You had to spend over a dollar or two to get about ten thousand gold in WoW.

Nowadays, things are slightly different with the vast supply out there. Many vendors and even some players farm a lot by themselves, securing a massive cache of gold currency. That led to a lowering of the prices.

On the most popular gold-selling websites, the currency can be bought anywhere from sixty euro cents to up to seventy for about ten thousand gold coins. 


Assuming you have paid attention to everything in the article, you now know more about Gold in World of Warcraft as a currency. How easy or hard is it to get it and is it safe to use the easiest methods of acquiring it.

If you are from the players who are simply curious about the methods, feel free to explore further and dive yourself deep into price checking. If you are just curious but want to do everything yourself, good luck as a long journey awaits you! Lastly, thank you for reading our piece, and we hope it provided you with helpful insights on the topic.

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