Why are Chromebooks so Cheap?

Why are Chromebooks so Cheap: Are you looking for a Chromebook and questioning why they are so cheap? Then let me assure you that you are not alone in your question. Chromebooks are sometimes described as “low-cost” or “entry-level” computers. You might also wonder if Chromebooks are truly worth that much at such low rates. A new Chromebook can purchase for as little as $189, and a used Chromebook can purchase for as low as $100.

What are Chromebooks?

Chromebooks have powered by Chrome OS, a lightweight operating system based on the Chrome browser. These Chromebooks have a popular devices for children, students, the elderly, and anyone looking for a basic low-cost laptop.

Why are Chromebooks so Cheap?

I can only explain to people that Chromebooks have the computing power of a laptop or a PC when they ask why they have so inexpensive. Laptops have bigger, have more storage, and are more powerful than ordinary Chromebooks. Additionally, a Chromebook cannot run certain programs, like Photoshop. Chromebooks, however, are excellent for daily tasks.

Advantages of Chromebooks

  1. Chromebooks are safe and come with built-in malware and virus protection.
  2. They are cheap and only a small portion of what a normal laptop costs.
  3. Chromebooks have a long battery life, they can last up to or even past 9 hours.
  4. Resilient and able to withstand large drops.
  5. Quickly move, quickly, and with a snap.
  6. Chromebooks are portable and simple to carry.

Chromebooks in comparison to Windows and macOS

Chromebooks in comparison to Windows and macOS

Chromebooks do not have all of the typical capabilities of Windows or macOS laptops, but they are appealing alternatives for these systems. Chromebooks are fantastic for their ease of use, security, and setup. However, when it comes to more demanding tasks like video editing and gaming, they fall short of competing with laptops with higher computing power. People are frequently confused about the differences between laptops and Chromebooks and are unable to make an informed purchasing decision. Overall, your budget and the purposes for which it will use will influence whether or not you receive the finest Chromebook for your money.

Chromebooks and laptops differ in certain respects but are also extremely similar in others. The differences between a typical laptop and a Chromebook are some of the reasons why Chromebooks are so inexpensive. Even when comparing Google Chromebooks, there are numerous distinctions. I’ve included a full explanation of why Chromebooks are so inexpensive and how they differ from standard laptops below.

1. Operating System

Operating System

Chrome OS has the operating system that runs on Chromebooks, which have just Chrome browsers that have made it seem like Microsoft Windows desktops and cost a few hundred dollars less than a Windows PC. Because Chrome OS is nothing more than the Chrome browser, it has extremely light in comparison to Windows and macOS. Even with low-end components, Chromebooks feel fast. Even with Chromebooks’ low pricing, you won’t notice any lag between the screen and your actions, or you have to use a low-cost device compared to a low-cost Windows-based machine because it will not run and the Chromebook.

2. Display and Built Quality

High-end laptops costing $1000 or more often have a 1920x1080p resolution and a superb metallic design. When comparing Chromebooks with low-cost laptops, you’ll see that the display and build aren’t all that different: plastic shells and low-resolution displays are regular components. Chromebooks typically include a separate search button, whereas Windows favors the Windows key. Chromebooks over $300 feature 1080p resolution, while those under $300 have 1,366 768 pixels. Chromebooks, in addition to their reasonably high-resolution display, eliminate other cheap laptop issues. The plastic casings aren’t awful, the keyboard isn’t mushy, and the touchpad isn’t wobbly, which isn’t always the case with low-cost laptops.

3. CPU and GPU

Some Chromebook models employ Intel Celeron processors, however, for a larger price, you can upgrade to Intel 10th Gen Core i5 and i7 processors. This demonstrates that many Chromebooks lack the processing capability of many popular laptops. Of course, this is one of the reasons Chromebooks are so inexpensive. However, if you are seeking a low-cost tablet for light use, Chromebooks with Pentium or Celeron processors are sufficient. Chromebooks have limited graphics processing power, thus this isn’t a good gaming PC. However, you can play cloud-based games. Google Stadia, for example, is an online gaming platform that costs $10 per month. Minecraft: Pocket Edition will be available for select models later this year.

4. Battery

If you have to work all day and are tired of constantly charging your gadget, you will love the battery life of Chromebooks, especially at such low prices. Chromebooks, with their excellent performance, good display, and large storage, will allow you to work all day without needing to plug in. Chromebooks’ modest processing power works in their favor as a result. They don’t require as much electricity to run the CPU. Giving you more hours of everyday use without charging your device.

5. Cost

A Chromebook is less expensive than a MacBook or other Windows laptops since you don’t have to pay for a Windows software license or Apple branding. Chromebooks, with a few exceptions, start about $200 and don’t go much more than $500, with only a few reaching $1000. There are a few entry-level Windows laptops in that price range, but they cannot run programs as well as a Chromebook. Chromebooks outperform these low-cost laptops in terms of performance and speed. They will effectively perform the same thing for you, so instead of obtaining a slow and tiresome low-budget laptop. I recommend choosing the speedier and snappier Chromebook. Even high-end Chromebooks are inexpensive when compared to high-end laptops on the market.


Chromebooks are inexpensive because they have less processing power and are primarily intended for web-based work, live online surfing, creating balance sheets and presentations, reading books, and writing. They outperform cheap laptops in terms of RAM and storage (Free Cloud Storage support), display, and style. However, if you enjoy gaming, need to do video editing, or dislike Google Apps, I recommend that you avoid the Chromebook.

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