WhatsApp Added ‘Share Status as Facebook & Instagram Story’ Features

Instant Messaging App, WhatsApp is going to launch two new features of WhatsApp soon. WhatsApp Hide Muted Status and Share WhatsApp Status to Facebook Story. Since WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app, so you should also know about these features.

WhatsApp Hide Muted Status

WhatsApp Hide Muted Status will prove very beneficial to those users who don’t want to see the muted WhatsApp status. This feature will ensure that users will not see the muted status update in the status bar.


According to a report from WABetainfo, Hide muted status will completely hide the muted status. Users will surely like this feature. Because as per the current functionality, if you will mute anyone’s status, then also you can see the muted status at the bottom of the status bar.

The best thing about this feature is that if a user wants to see the hidden status then he can access it with just one tap. You just have to click on the Hide button, which will be given in the Status bar. As soon as you will click the button, you can see the hide status list.

Currently, this feature is under development. This is not sure by when WhatsApp will release it publicly.

Share WhatsApp Status to Facebook Story

WhatsApp is also working on one more feature using which users can directly share WhatsApp status to Facebook.


According to this feature, a new button will be added to the WhatsApp status bar named SHARE TO FACEBOOK STORY, user can click on the button if he wants to share the WhatsApp status to the Facebook story.

Other than these two features, Mark Zuckerberg has recently told that the company is working on making Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram as cross-platform. It means in the near future user will be able to send a WhatsApp message to Messenger/Instagram and vice-versa.

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