What Is Smartbyte Drivers and Services and How to Remove It

Smartbyte Drivers and Services – Smart Byte is developed by Rivet Networks LLC. It is an application that comes preinstalled on many Dell machines, which arranges data packets to communication, and  Entertainment applications like web browsers, Watching videos or movies, and   Video Chat.

Smartbyte is an application tool that automatically detects when you are watching a video and provides the most available net connection for that stream. It is the specialized software that ensures you cut down the time of buffering and spend more time enjoying your favorite video. It Detects and analyzes, and prioritizes critical video traffic.Smartbyte Drivers and Services

What is Smartbyte and Telemetry.exe?

The Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter is a small HDMI stick, is wider to touch and thinner than Chrome cast. It is powered by a USB cable. The wireless display adapter can be used with Intel-based Windows and Android mobiles.

Smartbyte Drivers and Services

To fix Various PC Problems we use Drive-fix. The software will help you to keep safe from hardware failure and common errors in computers.

We can easily check drivers in 3 easy ways:

  • First Download the DriverFix.
  • Next click StartScan to find the problematic drivers in PC.
  • Click Update Drivers to get new versions and avoid system breakdowns.

Those who are having Dell Laptops or PC may have noticed that sometimes your Data speed goes ups-downs due to certain reasons. During that period this Smartbyte is running in the background.


This is mostly used in Dell Laptops or PC only. If you want to access this Smartbyte Network you have to buy the Inspiron 27 7000. There is no such information was revealed about making it available as a standalone utility.

We can easily install new Smartbyte drivers and services there is no problem. It is enabled by default works with Realtek and Intel wireless chips.

Manual Adjusting SmartByte Speed Limits:

Users observed that Smartbyte slows their Internet connection.

When we load the Smartbyte for the first time, it conducts a speed test at that time it saves the value as your max available bandwidth speeds to work quickly and correctly. when an issue with connectivity occurs at the moment of test such as Wireless Radio Interference, poor wireless signal strength and it records the speed slower than the connection is providing.

The best method is to manually adjust the speed limits in Smartbyte by using the given below steps

  • Open the start button and enter Smartbyte.
  • Click on it when the interference has loaded press the F4 key to the load settings page.
  • On this page, you can observe the bandwidth settings
  • you can change the value by replacing the correct value with the appropriate speed value.
  • Or you can use the speed method test as speed test.net.
  • The speed range must be in megabits per second.

How can we Remove Smartbyte Drivers and Services.exe from my Computer?

 Disable Smart Byte:

  • To open Task Manager use Ctrl+shift +Esc button at a time.
  • Then go to the Startup Tab and find Smartbyte utility, then open it and select Disable  

Smartbyte Drivers and Services

 Uninstalling Smartbyte:

  • Click Start Button and Right Click on it and open Apps and Features.
  • Check For the Smartbyte application.
  • If you find any of the names with it & then click that entry and Uninstall.
  • Follow the Procedure to uninstall that application and repeat the process to all the theSmartbyte apps.

Again if you want to reinstall the  Application on your PC then must and Should check the Driver’s performance and update the driver on your Dell PC using the Dell Update Feature.

Smartbyte Drivers and Services

How to Remove the Smartbyte Drivers and Services Using Task Manager and Control Panel:


 1:First type Task Manager in the search bar to open.

Smartbyte Drivers and Services

 2: Open the Search bar and type Services in and click enter. Then, you will have to click on the standard category.

 3: Then, find smart byte Drivers and services and right-click on them to choose their properties.

 4: After that, open the smart byte Drivers and services file and return to the Task Manager window once again.

 5: Just right-click on it and then click the end task button. After that, you can delete the complete folder of the smart byte. Then you have Successfully Disabled a smart byte.

Using Control panel:

It is one of the last methods by which you can easily remove the smart byte drivers and services by removing them from the control panel. You can just follow the steps given below:

1: Select the control panel on the Search bar.

 2: From the control panel find programs and features, and then right-click on it to continue.

 3:  Right-click on the program that you decided to uninstall and click enter.


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