How To Use Video Testimonials To Grow Your Business?

What do you notice first while making a purchase online after you find a few products or services- what other people say about that brand, isn’t it? Testimonials are one of the most important content a brand can put for communication. The reason is video testimonials work as words of mouth coming from satisfied customers of a brand.

Video Testimonials

Likewise, if you are a business owner, you also need to give your audience proof that your business can help them resolve their problems. According to the research, more than 90% of marketers believe that customer testimonials have the highest effectiveness in conversion. With time there is a revolution in testimonials. In the current scenario, as the customers expect more human touch from a brand, written testimonials are being replaced by video testimonials.

If you want to use video testimonials to grow your business, you must know how to use them appropriately.

Where To Use Your Video Testimonials To Grow Your Business?


Nothing can beat an excellent web presence. And all companies try to make themselves look better on the Internet. Remember that the content on your website has a significant impact on your target audience. By adding your video testimonials on your websites and landing pages, you can give your target audience a form of content they would love watching. Additionally, video testimonial are exciting and informative, and they can help your target audience learn more about your business’s efficacy.

Video testimonials also help in search engine optimization. They make it easier for your potential customers to find and access your website. When you post videos on a website, it increases your search engine ranking. Thus, video testimonial can improve your website’s traffic and continue to attract customers.

Social Media Platforms

An additional benefit of video testimonials is that they can be shared easily. When you use your testimonials for social media, you reach a wider audience than your website. Therefore, you can use your video testimonials to post on your social media platforms. You can also post your video testimonials on industry-specific pages and forums to attract your target market and effectively improve your customer loyalty.

Email Campaigns

You already know the power of email marketing to grow your business. You can make your email campaigns more potent by adding video testimonial to them. A video can enhance your email’s appearance, and your target audience would find it more interesting to read. HubSpot revealed that the single use of the word “video” can enhance the open rate of an email by 19%. And when you use video testimonials on your email campaigns, you can expect to grow the clickthrough rate by 60% or more.

Video testimonials are phenomenal, and if you are not creating video testimonial for your brand, this is the right time to start doing that. Today every brand is seeking out more attention as new rivals are appearing every day in each industry. Video testimonial help you to stand out and help you capture the eyes of your target audience easily. If you are wondering how to record a video testimonial, you can give the video testimonial-making software a try. 

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