Top 5 Secrets To Make Great and Successful Marketing VIDEOS

Marketing is one of the best methods of passing out a message to a large audience and at the same time one of the fastest means of creating awareness about a particular product and service. Some videos tend to get millions of views on social media platforms. It sure isn’t any magic but it takes some underrated things to make this happen. Here are five (05) top secrets to create amazing and unique marketing videos.

How to Make Great Marketing Videos  

video marketing secrets

The video should focus on the story, not sales

Browsing through the internet, one can find video ads talking just about sales which can quickly chase customers. Rather, a video ad should focus on telling a story and not sales. The same rule that applies to written content marketing is the same thing for video marketing – it should be focused on value and how a customer can benefit from it.

Ensure that the video makes use of the emotive power by focusing on the customer’s needs and hidden interests. A call to action can also be used in the course of the video strategically but ensure the marketing video tells a story.

Make the most of the emotive power of video by creating videos that can respond to consumer needs and wants. Video Marketing Agency in Australia can provide all the necessary information on how to create that appealing marketing video.

Ensure the video contains the best 10 seconds ever

The attention span of people nowadays is quite short. A good majority of viewers always turn away from a video after the first 10 seconds or even less than that. Videos need to be short and straight to the point, it is important to make the first five seconds captivating, one that can keep viewers glued.

The video must spark the curiosity of the viewers by using teasers and asking questions, that way, viewers will be glued. A video during the first few seconds should be able to respond to the question “why should I watch this video?” Should the video be watched because the video will make them laugh, inspire them, teach them something new or create awareness?

Use humor in your video. Stop being so boring!

In as much as video marketing is all about conveying vital information, a little fun will not hurt. Do not make regular videos that can be boring so try to use creativity and include some sort of humor in the video so viewers can feel enlightened while watching. Video marketing agency in Australia understands messages brands wish to pass out to their clients and help in the message analysis and video analysis.

Optimize your video for SEO and make sure to tag

Many strategies can be used to make sure a video is easily located in search engines. The first thing to do is obtain the highest SEO value from the video before uploading it and sharing it with other sites and also try to host it under a personal domain.

It is equally essential to allow embedding on the video as it will aid in increasing the possibility of getting inbound marketing links and also make a video sitemap available.

When it comes to making a video for SEO, explanations are very vital. Here is why; well, descriptions/explanations permit Google’s search spiders to make meaning of the video and comprehend what the content is all about.

So enable that video is tagged with necessary keywords and explained in detail with mapped out descriptions and exclusive titles.

Educate your customers with video & prove yourself

Many people are not aware that 65% of their audiences are visual learners and one of the most dominating means of making use of Marketing VIDEOS is educating the audience. The good thing is that education can come in several forms. For example, customers can be taught how to make use of a particular product or service, and as well offer useful tips on how to make good of the advertised product or service.

Video can also offer social proof for a product or service. When developing video success stories focus on the story of the customer and the success he/she achieved from making use of the company’s product/service.

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