Unique Marketing Techniques: Helping Your Company Stand Out in 2021

Unique Marketing Techniques

Raising awareness of your brand in 2021 can be tough, especially if you’re a small business looking to make your mark in a competitive industry. With the pandemic, the ways in which we conduct business have changed, and large and small companies alike are looking for unique ways to market themselves to an increasingly discerning consumer base. Their goal? To stand out amidst a sea of veritable options, leave a permanent imprint on customers’ brains, and establish themselves as a viable option to meet consumer needs. Below this article gives the complete details about Unique Marketing Techniques.

For years, the goal of traditional marketing strategies has been to make brands stand out: techniques such as writing jingles that would get stuck in customers’ heads or making commercials with striking imagery were used regularly. Now, with the majority of customers inhabiting one digital space or another, companies looking to market themselves must turn to new platforms and ideas to stand out in an unstable, highly competitive market. This will require a presence on social media sites and other digital landscapes, as well as the alteration of traditional marketing strategies to meet the needs of the time. 

Here are a few examples of some practices you can adopt to successfully market your company in 2021. 

Give Your Corporation a Voice Online

While most businesses have a presence on social media, only a select few have used these platforms to the fullest extent. Even fewer are on platforms like TikTok, which would require companies to film video content extending beyond the reach of mere commercials. If your business isn’t on these platforms, start by establishing an online footprint, then brainstorm ways to create engaging advertising content that doesn’t feel like a commercial. You want to build brand awareness on these platforms without it feeling to viewers like you’re selling something.

A good example of this practice in action might be the Wendy’s Twitter account. Although they had what amounted to a risky marketing strategy at the time, they have a unique voice on that platform and have accrued a lot of followers. If you’re looking for a platform that’s rife with opportunity, I would suggest TikTok. There are very few companies using that platform to its maximum potential, and as such, there’s a vacancy that needs to be filled there.

Distribute Unique Promotional Products

Putting your brand name on products like custom oven mitts can be a powerful tool for spreading awareness of your brand. Take the story of Reddit: instead of marketing his website through ads on social media or TV commercials, Alex Ohanian decided to spend $500 on custom-made stickers, which he then placed in public places all over the country. As it turns out, this was an effective strategy that caused a boom in people visiting Reddit, and turned it into the powerhouse social media site it is today. 

Generally speaking, a good rule to follow with any marketing strategy is this: the weirder, the better. While conventional ads may communicate a company’s mission statement, the quality of their products, and the like, traditional ads are monotone: in one ear and out the other with modern consumers. The more unique your marketing is, the more likely you’ll be remembered. Consider staging random giveaways through social media and distributing branded items like blankets, gift sets, and more. 

Go Viral and Challenge Your Followers

This is a much less reliable technique, as it requires a certain amount of internet savvy to pull off; but if you successfully go viral, you’ll reap a significant reward. Consider issuing challenges on social media that revolve around your brand, including consumers in the process of designing new products, filming themselves using your products in everyday life, and the like. Issue prizes for the customers who create the best videos and consolation prizes if possible for those who participate. You’ll be surprised how much your brand engagement goes up. 

Building a Name For Yourself is Difficult…

…but not impossible. As long as your marketing team stays on its toes and doesn’t get comfortable, constantly trying to come up with new angles and ways of promoting your brand, you’ll eventually find a way to distance yourself from the pack. Be creative, be courageous, and don’t be afraid to go where no one has gone before.

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