Understanding Lead Generation for B2b SaaS Companies

To grow your Software as a Service (SaaS) business, you must understand lead generation. Lead generation for B2B SaaS firms is a vitally important element of the growth of any related business. With a well-refined strategy, you can generate a steady flow of leads—allowing your sales team to refine and grow your company into a thriving enterprise characterized by great profits, significant market share, and many more metrics.

Below are some of the best lead generation strategies you could employ in your software business to expand your customer base and increase your sales and profits:

Use SEO to attract potential new users

With the proliferation of internet use globally, nearly every buyer starts their buying process by searching online, mainly using the Google search engine. It is not surprising that the number of daily Google searches is more than five billion as people look for answers to their queries. This includes looking for solutions offered by SaaS companies. Therefore, you need to ensure your company ranks as high as possible on search engine results pages (SERPs). The ranking dramatically impacts the return on investment as far as lead generation for B2B SaaS is concerned.

However, it is not a walk in the park to increase your organic traffic. This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in. The key goal of SEO is matching the user’s questions with the correct answers. If you succeed, you will already have won 80% of the battle. This means you have to understand exactly what your potential customers’ pain points are. You must then identify how your solution can help them. From this, you create content that answers their queries and helps them find the solutions they need. You can work with Rocket SaaS to implement this and other lead generation strategies for your software business.

Reconsider your pricing structure

Another effective strategy for lead generation for B2B SaaS companies is to look at your pricing structure. This is because pricing is one of the critical lead generation aspects that can help you to succeed in a highly competitive industry. This is especially the case nowadays when many software providers employ complex pricing structures to care for all their different customers’ needs.

The best approach is to understand your company’s SaaS product or service and the users’ needs before developing a pricing structure. Some pricing options that SaaS businesses can use include:

  •   Pay-per-user model: The SaaS company charges the service price per the number of accounts or users.
  •   Tiered pricing plan: The features that the SaaS provider offers determines the final rate
  •   Multiple tier pricing plans: The rates are based on the number of user accounts, features, and subscription period.
  •   Pay-as-you-grow plan: The most preferred model by B2B brands as it enables them to increase users or features as they grow
  •   One-time rate: Applicable when you, as the SaaS company, have no plans to add any features to your product

Create a better user experience

Improving the user experience is also an excellent strategy for lead generation for B2B SaaS companies. Without a good user experience, it is impossible to capture leads online. SaaS businesses carry out a thorough user experience audit, identify problems on their websites, and then address them instantly. Some problems user encounter includes:

  •   Mobile unfriendly sites
  •   Slow loading pages


Lead generation for B2B SaaS firms is crucial to ensure that your business remains profitable in the competitive industry. Some strategies you can use include using SEO to attract potential subscribers, improving the user experience, and reconsidering the attractiveness of your pricing models. 

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