Top Three Horror Movies you will Never Forget!

Top Three Horror Movies you will Never Forget!

Horror movies are everybody’s favorite until it is 2 am at midnight, and you are alone watching a deadly horror movie. Let’s not discuss the aftereffects followed by that. Apart from the frightening experiences, horror movies are an excellent source of entertainment as well. If you are not one of the soft-hearted souls and can actually withstand any heinous or terrifying movies, this is the right guide for you! However creepy this might sound, but these movies are not just your regular rom-com horror movies! Here is a list of the top three movies that will leave you petrified and will stick to your minds forever! Let’s check them out.

Top Three Horror Movies you will Never Forget!
Top Three Horror Movies you will Never Forget!


Directed by Ari Aster, this movie deals with a lot of creepy stuff as a whole. The intense family psychodrama will indeed be a turmoil for the viewer. If one is not very comfortable seeing mutilated flesh or blood, this is not the right choice. It is one such movie that grabbed the growth almost instantly. Powered by an outstanding publication house, the trailer was already very promising. You can have incredible organic growth and popularity for your products or websites if you know how to get more twitch followers. Similarly, this movie had a pretty impeccable growth rate and popularity base too! The film was indeed worth the investment since it was a complete hit due to the perfect cinematography and storyline! 

A quiet place(2018)

John Krasinki’s, A quiet place is another very incredible masterpiece in the genre of horror and mystery! The gradual unfolding and the incoming twists all combined together make it one of the best all-time movies that will indeed increase your heart rate by the mid of the movie. The silence within this sci-fi suspense thriller is an overall incredible watch. The silence, along with the war and turmoil within the family, is itself very intriguing and will make you stick to your seats till the end. It was rated 7.5 by the IMDb and is indeed justified.


Directed by Mikael Håfström, 1408 is a terrific psychological thriller movie that was one of the blockbusters of that time. This movie is based on the short story of Stephen King. The movie is based on hunting within haunted houses and witnessing various panoramic activities. The main part of the movie starts with room 1408 of the dolphin hotel, wherein one is strictly forbidden to enter. The supernatural and paranormal activities are indeed horrific. But the best part here is that even though the scenes are bizarre, it has a slight sense of humor within the dialogues, eliminating the monotonous nature of horror movies.


Final Thoughts

If you are finally in for some hard-core horror movies, these should be on your must-watch list! Loved by countless people, these movies have great reviews and therefore will certainly not disappoint at all! Thus, grab your popcorn, relax, and get started on the heart-throbbing journey of the best horror movies of all time! 

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