Top 5 Educational YouTube Channels – Must Watch Now

Today we are here with the list of Best Educational YouTube Channels. It is a very obvious and general fact that we learn fast by watching things rather than just reading. So, in addition to entertainment, it’s better to use YouTube for learning purposes also. As per some recent statistics, many peoples find out learning on YouTube better than sitting in a classroom. So, go through the below list and enjoy some of YouTube’s best educational channels that will make your learning more interesting.


Benefits of Educational YouTube Channels

Here are some key points that count the benefits of YouTube Channels over the traditional methods of study and learning.

1. Students can learn any subject or topic anytime and anywhere.

2. They can and learn from any teacher they want, worldwide. This helps them to reach to the best person whose teaching influences them the most. The litanswers is a website offering free homework solutions in the United States. Which is famous to create the text sheet.

3. The videos can be downloaded and can be accessed online or offline with no restriction of time.

4. YouTube Channels help the teachers to reach out to millions of students across different countries, with no restriction to a specific class, school, or college.

5. Videos are always engaging and attention seekers, so they prove out to be more effective for students.

6. The best thing is that students don’t have any need to pay for learning via YouTube.

Educational Youtube Channels for Elementary

In this article, we are going to share a detailed list including educational youtube channels for adults, educational youtube channels for kids, and educational youtube channels for elementary.

Also, we are covering the trending search for the top 10 cbse schools in Meerut where we have finalized the list where education and skill development matters the most.

List of Best Educational YouTube Channels

Here is the list of the top 5 educational YouTube Channels that will make learning more effective and interesting.

1. Crash Course

Crash Course is an educational YouTube channel started by John and Hank Green. It is one of the best ways to educate yourself, your classmates, and your family on YouTube.


It covers many topics including Anatomy, Astronomy, History, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, Ecology, Economics, Sociology, Psychology, Literature, Mythology, Philosophy, etc. You must try out this channel once to grow your learning on various topics.

2. Unacademy

Unacademy is a very popular educational YouTube Channel and educational technology company based in Bangalore. Unacademy educators consist of either student who has cleared various exams or mentors who have teaching experience. It provides online education coaching for major competitive examinations-UPSC CSE/IAS, SSC CGL, IBPS/SBI, CAT, GRE, GATE/IES, CA, CLAT, JEE, Pre-Medical, Railways Examinations, etc.


It covers other subjects also including the English Language, Competitive Programming, Programming Languages, Fresher Placements, Management, Personal Finance, and Personal Development. They have their app also for Android users.

3. Half As Interesting

Half As Interesting is a Youtube channel that is dedicated to explaining how our world works. It covers various small but unusual topics.


From Science to Economics, to Geography, to Marketing and more, every video will give you a little better understanding of the world. HalfAsInteresting releases new videos every Thursday that packs an interesting story into a tight five minutes time.

4. ASAP Science

AsapScience is an educational YouTube channel created by Canadian YouTubers Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown. The channel produces weekly videos that cover many different topics of science.


The educators cover the scientific concepts using colored drawings on a whiteboard and voice-over narration. So it’s easy to understand to the listener and fit into their mind.

5.  Wonder Why

WonderWhy is an animation educational YouTube channel that covers topics such as History, Geography, Culture, Economics, Astronomy, etc. in 5-20 minute videos.

You will find a new video on Wonder Why every month or so, but it’s really worth to wait and watch a new topic and video here.

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Final Words on Top Educational YouTube Channels

This is the list of best educational youtube channels we have gathered for you. Every channel is worth subscribing according to us. But you can choose any one or two or all depending on your need and interests. If we have missed your favorite YouTube channel then please mention its name in the comments.

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