Tips for Hiring Foreign Workers for Tech Business in the US

The US has one of the highest numbers of tech companies worldwide. The fascinating thing is that these tech companies and startups keep increasing by the day in this country. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons employers frequently look outside the country to satisfy the ever-growing demand for IT workers.

Perhaps, you own a tech company in the US and need to hire foreign workers, but you don’t know how to go about it. Don’t fret! Here, we’ve curated seven tips for hiring foreign workers for tech businesses in the US. So, read on!

1. Ask for Work Authorization

The US holds every employer of labor responsible for immigration matters of any foreign employee. According to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) handbook for employers, you must verify the employment authorization and identity of new employees.

This is necessary if you are planning to hire a non-indigene already in the country for your tech business. The handbook stipulates a fine for any employer that fails to verify the foreign workers’ employability because they could be illegal immigrants.

2. Obtain the Mandatory Certification from the US Department of Labor

Unlike other countries where your company only needs a sponsorship licence, hiring foreigners is complicated in the US. The US hopes to protect the right of every American by ensuring you do not offer jobs meant for US citizens to outsiders.

As a result, you’ll need to convince the authorities that there are not enough tech workers for that vacancy in the US before seeking a foreign employee. You’ll do this by providing evidence and showing the job vacancy also meets the criteria of the foreign labor certification programs.

After this, you’ll have to sign the appropriate employment and training application form (ETA) and present proof that you’ll pay the candidate the generally acceptable wage. Then, you’ll submit all necessary documents to the designated office and await approval.

3. Advertise the Job Opening on Foreign Websites

You must let the world know your tech business needs a worker. There are sites dedicated to this purpose. What you just need is to provide the job title and requirements.

Beyond specifying the job title during the advert, do not spare words in elaborating the skills suitable candidates should have and what they would do. That’s because job titles can convey different ideas cross-culturally.

4. Screen the Applicants

Many foreigners would be eager to take up a tech job in the US. As a result, you should expect a barrage of applications. You would find people that appear qualified and overqualified for the job opening on paper. So how do you determine who to employ?

Screen the prospective workers using a well-crafted test that captures the experience and knowledge needed for the job. Remember that there are different approaches to doing things in different parts of the world, and you’ll want someone with similar practices to yours.

5. Make Necessary Arrangement Within the Company

Train your tech company’s HR department on how to be responsible for getting the foreign workers used to the work environment. Moreover, the HR department would also ensure they continuously comply with all requirements of the USCIS. With these settled, you should commence plans to bring your multinational employees into the country.

6. Apply for Work Visas

Your tech business will be responsible for obtaining the visas for your foreign employee. There are different types of work visas you can choose from. You’ll need an immigration lawyer US to help you with the process because it isn’t as straightforward as you may think. Lots of paperwork goes into this, and this can be tiring.

Meanwhile, you should know that getting a certification to employ a foreign tech worker does not automatically guarantee the USCIS would grant your visa applications.

7. Examine Your Options

There are alternate ways to hire a foreign worker with less stress after getting authorization from the appropriate US department of labor. One such is working with Employer of Records (EORs). These are legal recruitment companies available in different countries that help in recruiting workers.

EORs can help you find suitable candidates and take care of all compliance aspects of employment. These companies act as employers to your foreign employees. They handle issues like producing employment agreements, processing payrolls, filing payroll taxes, statutory benefits, and much more. Your tech business would only need to allocate tasks to the employees and supervise their performance.

Furthermore, where the opening in your tech job can be handled remotely, let employees work remotely from their respective countries. Of course, that doesn’t make them inferior to other on-site employees of your tech company. That would be cost-saving, and you’ll avoid the stress of bringing them into the country.


Before hiring foreigners in your tech business, you should prepare other workers in your company for their arrival. Generally, there are pros and cons to having foreigners in your workplace, and we believe the former is what you seek.

Most importantly, you should ensure the paperwork of your tech company and multinational employees are up-to-date. The Home Office, from time to time, keeps a tab on the activities of companies like yours.


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