Three Stats to Look At For NFL Betting

Most NFL betting gamblers keep track of quarterbacks, running backs, and receivers’ statistics. However, these well-known figures only tell part of the narrative. If you want to be a successful sports bettor, you’ll need more knowledge than the ordinary bettor in order to locate greater value while evaluating games. 

Going beyond the usual data on a week-by-week basis is one technique to gather extra information. Some of the following NFL stats may appear insignificant, but the difference between being a successful or losing NFL bettor is razor-thin. Winning an extra one or two games over the course of a season can turn a lost season into a winning one, or considerably enhance your earnings. 

Because the margin between winning and losing is so razor-thin, knowing the specifics of the statistics provided below can make a significant impact every week of the season. Many of these figures may be tough to come by, so start looking for them as soon as possible. The rest will have to be gathered by watching games. Find a way to record all of the games each week for later viewing, or subscribe to a service that allows you to watch them all week. 

You won’t have as much information in the early weeks of the season as you will later in the season, and some of the stats will be distorted. Early in the season, don’t place many bets because you want to have a good set of statistics before putting a lot of money on the line. 

After two or three weeks of data collection, you can start to detect patterns and get a better sense of each team’s capabilities. 

Look at the Yards Per Carry

It’s tempting to focus solely on each team’s main running back’s yards per carry, but it’s uncommon that only one back gets every carry. Of course, a team with a terrific running back would have a higher yards-per-carry figure than other teams, but you’ll be more prepared if you track this stat by team rather than player. 

This also allows you to account for the offensive line’s ability on running plays. The greatest offensive lines improve all of the team’s running backs and are better poised to succeed even if one is injured. NFL teams need to control the ball and having a high yard per carrying usually means that they are going to hold the ball.

Look at Yards Per Pass Attempt 

Tracking yards per throw attempt for each team, similar to yards per rush for the team, provide a better sense of the effectiveness of each team’s passing offense. This metric is used to compare the quarterback, receivers, and offensive line from one club to the next. When calculating this number, make sure to include the yards lost due to sacks. 

Sacks are significant as a general indicator of success. You’ll keep track of turnovers individually, but you should also consider interceptions when comparing offensive passing statistics for each team. 

Look at Defensive Yards Per Carry

Knowing the offensive and defensive teams’ average yards per carry in an upcoming game can offer you an advantage. The strain on the passing game is increased when a weak rushing squad plays against a team that gives up a few yards per carry. 

A team with a good rushing game playing against a club with poor run defense, on the other hand, gives the offensive team an edge in terms of clock management and time of possession, as well as the possibility for a higher passing average. 

It’s more difficult to defend against play-action passes when the defensive team has to bring up guys in the secondary to help stop the run. It’s tough to foresee how one or two defensive players will affect the run game. When you look at the defensive unit as a whole, however, you get a much clearer picture. The defensive player with the most tackles may not be the best run stopper. 

The top defensive players are usually double-teamed and run away from offenses. The effectiveness of the best players remains unaffected. When the offense devotes additional resources to reducing a player’s effectiveness, it creates opportunities for other players to make plays.

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