Trend! People love to follow the trend. Nowadays People are using Text Emoji, also called Kaimoji or ASCII characters. There are many sites which have a number of Text Emoji, Lenny Emoji, but we have an Android app which has all the Text Emoji.

What are these Text Emoji?

Text Emoji is just a sequence of characters, arranged in such a manner it looks like an emoji.

About The Emoji App (Best Lenny faces app)

  1. Simple UI.
  2. Tiny app size.
  3. Regular updates with new Text Emoji.
  4. No full screen/pop ads.
  5. Safe and secure with Google Play Protection.

Text emoji downlaod

Angry Text emoji
The Angry Text Emoji
Angry Text emoji
The Crazy Text Emoji
Middle Finger Text emoji
The Middle Finger Text emoji
Happy Text emoji
The Happy Text Emoji
Love Text emoji
The Love Text Emoji

About the Developer

Chetan Biradar is 20 yr old tech geek based on Karnataka and studying in BCA. He is managing website content related to Android and Windows. He has expertise in mobile roots and hacks.

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