How Have Technologies Rapidly Changed the Betting World?

Advancement in technology may very well be the best thing that will happen to the world – or one of the best at least. Technology has changed a lot of industries and sectors in all walks of life, including the financial industry, food industry, and more. One of the most affected sectors is the betting industry. technologies rapidly changed the betting world in more ways than one – and in good ways, too.

As it happens, betting is becoming more and more popular in India. Thus, it would please you to know that these technologies make everything easy, from betting to placing bets and receiving earnings. Below are some of the ways technologies have rapidly changed the betting world.

Betting on the go

You no longer need to travel many miles to place a bet on sports. There are now bookmakers and betting companies online with easy-to-use websites for sports betting. That is not to say players cannot still travel down to a physical betting company. But why travel when you can easily bet with just a few presses on your phone. Players can place bets from the comfort of their home, while at work, and anywhere. Also, there is a possibility to get to know all the betting predictions in just a few clicks, for example, table tennis prediction is right here.

Moreover, technology has also made it such that we don’t have to carry cash around anymore. That means you can do every transaction related to betting on your phone. This makes it easier for people who like to bet on a daily basis. The number of online bettors outweighs those that bet physically – and the number keeps growing. Betting sites even have AI tools that update stats in real-time and fast servers that ensure you get accurate information on time.

Marketing is easier and more effective

Technology has brought about the advent of highly useful marketing tools like social media platforms. With more than sixty percent of the world’s population on social media, marketers can reach more people in little time. Betting companies now take advantage of these marketing avenues to advertise their services and get noticed. More betting companies are investing in media marketing and online campaigns to get traffic and new customers.

Moreover, this proffers employment opportunities in the betting world. Betting companies need media managers to help them manage their sites and handle their campaigns.

The cryptocurrency revolution

Cryptocurrency is a hot subject, one of the hottest, in the world today. It is no wonder it has affected the betting world in positive and welcoming ways. The crypto market valuation explosion has changed the betting world by opening the door to bettors from restricted countries.

For example, sports betting is mainly illegal in India, except betting on horse races. In fact, all kinds of betting are considered illegal and punishable. Governments in restricted countries put measures in place to prevent betting on the web.

Due to the embargo placed on payment gateways, betting was impossible – that is, until cryptocurrency came along. The rise of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others like them has changed things. You will find many offshore betting companies that support betting with crypto; you can deposit and withdraw digital funds easily. As such, bettors from India and other countries with restrictions to betting can join the game.

HTML5 and mobile betting

Until several years ago, betting companies and bookmakers offered applications for iOS and Android for betting. That is, bettors had to download and install paid software to bet. The software cost a lot and required many development resources to support. Moreover, there were no apps for other operating systems like Blackberry and Windows Phone. In addition, there were design and loading issues, and the user experience was frustrating.

However, the advent of HTML5 changed all of that. Online bookmakers can now create mobile-responsive sites that work on any platform with this technology. More so, one doesn’t have to download or install additional software before betting. You only need to open the bookmaker’s page, log in to your account, and bet away.

Better security

Online betting companies can now easily spot fraudulent activities thanks to technology and artificial intelligence (AI). It is no news that bookmakers have lost millions to hackers and frauds who cheat the system. Computers and monitored sites have made every betting activity as transparent as possible. More so, bookmakers can spot and kick out potential frauds.

Changes in technology and the future of betting

With the introduction of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other technologies into the betting industry, it is clear that the future is one to look forward to. In India and across different bookmakers, players will be able to make better predictions and record higher winnings. It would also ensure players are aware of changes as they occur within the sports industry.

With online sports betting, people make payments online. These companies freeze the person’s account; they won’t be able to access their funds. Furthermore, they watch out for anyone acting suspicious, apprehend, question, and act accordingly. Fraud has reduced in the betting industry over the years, and it is all thanks to technology.


Technology will continue to advance, so we’re sure more changes will come. More so, technologies like AI and machine learning are breaking forth, and there’s no doubt they will affect the betting world. However, while some betting platforms in India are waiting for the future to key into these changes, some have started leveraging technology. One of such platforms is Parimatch, and this is evidenced in its quality website and mobile app design. The quality customer support and convenient payout system are all evidence of modern technological integration. 


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