10+ Stores Like Fingerhut – Top 10 Sites Like Fingerhut Alternatives

If you love shopping but don’t have enough money at the moment, then there are some stores like Fingerhut that will give you the option to buy now and pay later. So if you are also searching for such e-commerce websites that work on the principle ‘Buy now, pay later’ then we are here to provide you with a list of Best Store and Sites like Fingerhut. Today, I am going to share a long list of best Fingerhut alternatives over the Internet.


Sites Like Fingerhut & Best Fingerhut Alternatives

There are e-commerce sites like Fingerhut, Amazon, Flipkart, Walmart that will give you a wide variety of products but the difference here is that either you need to pay online or to the delivery man. These online sites can’t help you if you don’t have enough money at the moment when you want to purchase the product. So in such cases, Sites Like Fingerhut will serve your purpose.

How Stores Like Fingerhut Work

Sites like Fingerhut are catalog stores that’s why everyone says stores like Fingerhut. They display their products for sale via printed catalogs. These sites work on the credit-based-purchasing system. Applying for Fingerhut credit is very easy. You need to fill out their online form, and the site will be aware of their decision(approval/disapproval) within minutes. They have a very steep approval rate, so most of the peoples will get approval.

Top 7 Other Sites Like Fingerhut – Alternatives

Sites like Fingerhut will allow you to Buy now and Pay later, i.e., you can purchase a particular product online and pay for it then. Alternatives to Fingerhut will come into the picture when you want a new variety of products, or you are not satisfied with the product you got earlier. So here is the list of top 7 alternatives to Fingerhut.

1. Home Shopping Network


Home Shopping Network (HSN) is one of the best websites like Fingerhut available in the market to give you a memorable experience of shopping. This website provides you with a wide variety of products ranging from clothing, electronics, cosmetics, jewelry, etc. with the buy now pay later catalogs instant approval feature. To explore other products which this website will provide you, please visit its homepage.

2. Gettington


It is an excellent website with a very interactive user interface that allows you to search for your desired product easily. Each product is appropriately placed in their specific category so that searching time can be reduced. Here you can avail up to $2500 in credit every month. Also, you will be charged an amount of $38 as a late fee if you will miss an installment of any product that you have purchased on EMI.

3. SkyMall


SkyMall is also a buy now, pay later website having a little different functionality as compared to other sites we have mentioned in this list. It lists the products in the form of catalogs instead of displaying them in different subcategories. It also has a great interface and shopping on this website is fully secured.

4. The Shopping Channel

When we want to purchase something, then we always look for the collection. The Shopping Channel is having more than 23,000 products with a wide variety of different categories like jewelry, electronics, appliances, kitchen, home furnishing and many more. This site is user-friendly and gives you an excellent shopping experience.

5. Lend You

As the name suggests, this website allows you to lend its products so that you can pay later for them. It is a loan marketplace that will enable lenders and borrowers to make transactions, and the site works as a mediator. The credit limit for this website is a fair deal. You can buy a different category of product worth $1000 and enjoy shopping.

6. QVC

QVC is one of the best online shopping networks. Here you will find all sorts of awesome goodies including exclusive new inventions, home goods, clothing, electronics, and other products for the whole family. This buys now pay later website is user-friendly, simple to apply for, and allows you to purchase their great products without spending too much.

7. Overstock

Overstock is also a popular marketplace for buying different kinds of furniture online. It has all sorts of great products including kitchenware, home decor, garden furniture, bedding products, and more. Its financing plan is called BillMeLater. BillMeLater allows you to get products now and you don’t have to pay a dime for the first six months. Also, no need to pay any interest for those six months.

Apps Like Fingerhut on Google Play Store

Here we discussed other companies like Fingerhut and online stores like Fingerhut. Have you found out companies like Fingerhut that give credit? Now, in this article, we are telling you about Apps like Fingerhut on the Play store and the iPhone app store. You can download an app of the listed websites above.

Each site has its own Android and iOS app for mobile users. You can download for free start buying your stuff online today. All these websites don’t check credit limits and allow you to buy now, pay later.

Final Words on Stores & Sites Like Fingerhut Alternatives

These are the most popular alternatives to Fingerhut and I am sure you found your online credit shopping sites like Fingerhut. These are going to help you when you will be out of money and need to buy something very urgently. So try out shopping on these sites, in case you don’t get a credit approval on one site, try out on another site. And please don’t forget to share your shopping experience with us.

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