Sites that will be useful for acquaintance in Destiny 2 for beginners

Destiny 2 is a cult MMO shooter set in the fantasy genre of the distant future, where humanity confronts alien invaders.

The project from Bangie serves as a direct continuation of the first part of Destiny and offers the player to choose one of three classes to start their journey in a space adventure.

Despite the fact that the game offers a capacious learning system and a fairly simple world to get acquainted with, players may have questions about the branching of character development, the extraction of glitter and weapons, raids, and other game mechanics.

We’ve put together a few helpful resources to make the game easier for beginners and answer most of your questions.

List of sites:

  • Skycoach
  • Destiny 2 fandom
  • Bungie Forums

acquaintance in Destiny 2 for beginners


Skycoach is a service that helps beginners get comfortable in the world of Destiny 2


The local currency in Destiny 2 is never enough. Glitter is used to buy equipment and armor, upgrade contracts that serve as a legal way to gain additional experience in almost unlimited quantities, and purchase additional ammo for subclasses.

Glitters are purchased in compliance with masking measures and are provided as a regular exchange between players, which reduces the likelihood of sanctions from the administration to a minimum.


Coaching is a service where a player works with a professional to learn all the basic mechanics of the game.

A professional player will teach you the basics of pumping, character development, which branch to choose and why, teach you the basics of PVP and talk about the most important thing – how to understand the game meta and adapt to it. The latter will be especially relevant on the eve of the release of the Lightfall update, where the game will suffer a new series of changes.

Ride carry

One of the most popular services – since raids are a source of getting the best equipment and weapons that you can get in the game, the level of difficulty is appropriate, and not every player will submit to a mythical and legendary raid.

Professional Skycoach players will take you with them to the raid and ensure that you pass the game zone, where all the rewards and experience will go to you.

Destiny 2 fandom

The site that stores a huge amount of guides, descriptions, and recommendations from experienced players so that beginners can use this database, find answers to their questions, develop their character correctly and effectively and get the most out of playing Destiny 2.

There are articles about a Stand subclass that will be available as an alternative to Sun, Lightning, and Void in February 2023, when the Lightfall update goes live.

It is worth reading about other changes – with each release of a new update, the Banjie continue to develop the storyline, which is not so important for many players and some simply skip all the information, but this is very important for the further development of the universe. In the update, players will have access to the continuation of the story of Calus, who will change his appearance and continue his journey in the world of Destiny 2, and players will have to go to explore and conquer Neptune.

Destiny 2 fandom

Bungie Forums

Forums are the key and best source of information when you need to learn from someone’s gaming experience and take into account the mistakes that can be made in character development in order to avoid them and not pump your character.

On the forums you can find discussions and even whole guides about character development and, most importantly, live communication, the players themselves determine the correctness and expediency of each phrase – lies, and irrelevance on the forums are quickly exposed by the players themselves.

For example, on the forums you can find information that the lightning subclass is most suitable for the Titan, for additional damage in melee and will make him not only a defender, but also a combat unit. Warlock is better to go towards the void for increased damage from AoE attacks and emphasis on damage, rather than auxiliary skills. The hunter will suit the power of the sun and investing skills in one accurate and strong shot, from which few of the enemies can resist.

With the release of the update, a new subclass of Stand will be added, and the development priority may change.

A Stand will give the Titan close range attacks with daggers, making him stronger as a damage dealer, but weaker as a defensive type warrior, his primary role.

The warlock will gain the ability to scatter projectiles similar to shrapnel and perhaps the Stand will displace the Void in the DD of the warlock. The defensive build will not receive changes in this case.

The hunter will be able to attack near and far with the same force with the help of the Stand and new weapons. At first glance, the build is dubious, since the hunter is a more long-range class, but closer to the release of the update, everything will fall into place. Lightfall releases in February 2023.

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