Role of Technology in Business Growth: 12 Major Ways How It Improves any Modern Business

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If I ask you what’s the one thing that’s common in all businesses and plays an important role in their growth, what would you say? That’s a tricky question but not very difficult to answer if you pay attention to the tech trends emerging in business. Because technology itself is that single common factor that plays an important role in the growth of all modern businesses, it’s impossible to imagine a successful and thriving business in today’s times without the use of any technical solutions.

Therefore, you must pay attention to the tech solutions available for various business needs and consider implementing them in your business as per your needs. That’s why we’re going to tell you about 12 different roles that technology plays for online business growth.

Role of technology in marketing

#1. Website

A website helps your business not only in gaining new customers but also in new suppliers, partners, and investors. It allows anyone to find any new information regarding your business without necessarily having to come to your office, thus significantly easing the decision-making process. It also helps gain new customers when you decide to take advantage of the e-commerce technologies and start selling online.

#2. Social media marketing

Another important area where technology helps in the marketing of your business is social media.

Today, most businesses have started using social media to promote their products and services, and that’s another way technology helps businesses in their marketing efforts.

#3. Digital advertising

There once was a time when newspapers were the only channel of advertising for most businesses. Then came the time of TV, and then the time of social media and other digital platforms that revolutionized the entire advertising industry. All these new channels of marketing were opened by technology itself and known as digital marketing. Several new advertising technologies, terminologies, and methodologies developed because of these new platforms. As a result, today, technology also plays an important role in the advertising of businesses.

Role of technology in business security

#1. Website security

The website that you develop for your business is also protected with the help of technology only. When you buy an SSL certificate, any real-time threat detection system, malware scanners, firewalls, or any other kind of tool developed for the security of your business website, you’re ultimately buying a solution provided by technology. An SSL certificate increases the authenticity factor of your website and renders encryption to in-transit data between the web server and visitor’s browser.

#2. Office security

Technology is also helping in boosting the security of our office premises. A variety of systems and tools have been developed to help business owners ensure the security of their offices, from CCTV cameras to alarms to password-based locks and biometric security-based systems. If applied with proper planning and effective installation, all these solutions can significantly increase the protection of any office.

#3. Data security

The security of your business data and confidential information is also important, and technology has provided solutions for that purpose too. Encryption, cloud data protection, multi-factor authentication, and tokenization are some of the many technical solutions that are helping businesses protect their precious data in today’s hyper-competitive world. Several other new solutions are also being developed for the same purpose.

Role of technology in logistics and supply chain

#1. Faster delivery

Technology is helping every day in speeding up the delivery speed of our consignments. Thanks to the supply chain solutions based on GPS and other technologies, it’s getting easier and easier to find the shortest possible route to deliver any consignment. This is increasing the delivery speed and the efficiency of supply chains, as they can save on precious resources like time and fuel.

#2. Easier transfer of information

Technology has also significantly eased the process of information transfer in the supply chain. Order information and consignment data are much easier to transmit in today’s time, thanks to QR codes, barcodes, and the internet. They’re also much safer to transfer this way. Easy flow of order information this way also increases productivity across the entire logistics and supply chain.

#3. Warehouse and inventory management

A lot of technological solutions have also emerged to increase the ease of warehouse and inventory management. With warehouse inventory management softwares, it’s much easier to keep track of what is there in a warehouse and what’s out of stock. Some systems also integrate various communication tools to make the order process easily accessible for out-of-stock items. All these things collectively increase the productivity of your workforce and save precious time that can be spent in fulfilling the orders.

Role of technology in business management

#1. Accounting

There was a time when accounting was considered a job better left to professional accountants alone. But in the last few years, technology has made it so easy to execute that any small business owner can maintain their account books without a skilled professional. Software like Quickbooks online inventory has made accounting significantly easier for any business.

#2. HR practices and policies

A lot of technology-based solutions are also available in the market to make HR management an easy affair. There are solutions to assist in every HR practice, from attendance and time off management to appraisal to the maintenance of documents. These solutions make the implementation of HR policies easier and significantly improve their effectiveness in your organization.

#3. Customer support

Technology is also helping businesses in providing professional quality customer service and support to their customers. With its help, businesses are solving customer queries and issues faster and better, and they’re also learning about the areas where their service quality can be improved. Various types of feedback systems (i.e. forms, IVR-based feedback systems, etc.) have emerged for this purpose, and those systems are also a result of technology only.


So these were 12 different ways how technology is helping in online business growth. As you can see yourself, there’s not any single role it plays but a variety of roles depending on the area of our business needs. Therefore, needless to say, that it’s impossible to imagine a modern business thriving without the use of and technical solutions. That’s why you too should look at your business and consider improving it by implementing the right tech solutions as per your needs.

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