Quirky Promotional Items To Make Your Business Stand Out

Marketing your business is the norm, and for many businesses it is just the done thing. However, there needs to be detailed thought and planning as to what strategies work best and when to use these if marketing is to yield results. The use of promotional items has become common. Branded merch is promoted as the one marketing item that if done correctly and originally, can yield some of the best marketing results for all types and sizes of business. This article discusses some of the most Quirky Promotional Items To Make Your Business Stand Out from the crowd.

A Few Guidelines

There are a few interesting guidelines that should assist in determining what you decide to brand and use, but your business really can brand anything that you feel will work to promote your business and improve your bottom line.

  • The item or merchandise should be long lasting – the longer the item can be used or kept by the recipient the better to keep the brand in customers’ minds and thoughts.
  • It should be as specific as possible, or generic to a fault, so either something that the customer or potential customer has noted is a requirement, or as general as a pen or a hat.
  • Quality – wherever you have the merchandise made, ensure the firm has a reputation for quality products. No one wants promotional items that are of poor quality.

What can you brand?

If you can meet the above criteria, then the items below are some of the quirky options that have proven to increase sales and keep brands in their customers’ mind’s eye.

Indoor plants: A pot plant that doesn’t necessarily need too much attention or care and ongoing repotting is a fantastic idea. Brand the pot of a small cactus or succulent plant and it will last for years, with your brand in the mind of all who see it. Additionally, indoor plants make you feel better, so the subliminal response to the plant (that has your branding on it) is for the customer to feel better.

Trending clothing accessories: Branded T-shirts, shoelaces and custom logo trucker hats are some of the more recent quirky ideas that most people use and are long-lasting.

Fruit and veg packaging: A sticker with your brand on an apple, plum or any other seasonal fruit and veg is a wonderfully modern way to get the brand message out there. It may not last too long, but the conversation point of the free fruit will, and it’s something that everyone will get and appreciate. 

Quirky promotional items are a very clever branding tool, simply because they create conversation, and it is in the brand’s best interest to have as many shared conversations as possible and brand discussions among their potential and current customers. This article has provided some ideas, but also a brief framework to be considered in terms of why  businesses can use these items. Now it’s over to you.

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