How to Protect Your Business from Cyber Attacks

With advancements in technology, almost all businesses have moved from traditional business to digital platforms. Customers are the pillars of every business, and without them, a company cannot grow. Most people spend their time on the internet, and that’s where companies can get their customers. 

However, the online platform has added many advantages to the business sector. The most significant challenge to businesses is frequent cyber-attacks.

Cyber Attacks
Cyber Attacks

Cyber-attack has been a significant challenge to all businesses – ranging from small to big businesses. The fact that you are operating a small business doesn’t keep you safe from cyber-attacks. 

Small businesses are the ones prone to the problem. It is because they are always not prepared to face the challenge. Big businesses are always ready with mechanisms to overcome the challenge. 

The question is, how do you protect your business from this problem? The article below explains ways to protect your business from cyber-attack with managed IT support Orlando

1.Keep all of Your Software Updated

Software programs keep on changing with time as technology continues to advance. Many discoveries are made daily, and therefore there is continuous improvement in that sector. Some people are experts in the software, such as hackers, and therefore, if you are not careful, they make access to your devices, causing massive damage and interfering with data.

The software carries all the information and critical data of a company or organization and requires the topmost security. Every company or organization should ensure that any software used by employees is updated to the latest version. 

Using old application programs may put your business at risk. They may not offer the security available in the latest programs, and that may allow hackers to access your devices and cause a cyber-attack. You should, therefore, update them at least twice per week.

2. Train your Staff in Cyber Security Practices

The bigger challenge in using unreliable software is that it involves a lot of fraudsters and hackers. Your company or organization is secure to the level of your least informed employee. That is why it is essential to train your employees on cyber safety. An employee may use a weak password, which puts your organization at significant risk of being accessed by hackers.

Hackers nowadays have several ways to trick employees by pretending to be innocent customers. The employees should therefore be alert at all times. They should know all the tactics that can be used by the criminals to trick them. They should also be able to identify suspects, suspicious phone calls, or emails quickly. That will ensure there is the topmost security for your software that will prevent cyber-attacks.

3. Enable Data Encryption and Perform Regular Data Backups

The most reliable and efficient form of safety for data is data encryption. Cybersecurity that has the best strategy values data encryption and backup more than anything else. Your organizational data may fall into the wrong hands, such as the criminals. In that case, if you had data encryption and backup, there will be nothing lost.

Data encryption prevents the company’s sensitive data from leaking out. Some of the sensitive information includes employee information, business data, and customer information. Leaking this information out may enable your competitors to access your business secrets to beat your business in the market. Hackers can also access your passwords and steal sensitive information. You should, therefore, ensure you first encrypt the data then back up it.

4. Have a Disaster Recovery Plan

To be on the safe side as a business, you should have a well-planned and effective recovery plan. Every business can experience a cyber-attack at any time. It may cause a lot of damages, loss of data, and leakage of important information. 

Failure may severely affect the operation of the business. If an incident occurs and your company has a disaster recovery plan, it will be easier to respond and discover vital information quickly.

A disaster recovery plan is essential to every business and can help save many losses and expenses. Some information is susceptible that, when lost, may permanently paralyze a business. The disaster recovery plan should have proactive communication to ensure a quick response in case such incidences occur.

5. Replace Passwords with Passphrases

Software hackers are highly skilled and can even guess your passwords – if not unique enough. Another way to prevent the bad incidence from occurring in your business is by using passphrases instead of passwords. 

Passwords contain few characters and can be easily cracked by criminals. However, passphrases have many characters. These characters are mixed from lowercase, uppercase, numbers, and special characters. That makes it unique and unpredictable to the hackers, thus saving you from cyber-attacks.

6. Comprehensive Monitoring System

Monitoring the system regularly is another way to protect your business from cyber-attack. You should ensure you regularly check your software equipment. Some equipment may have been damaged and stopped functioning without your knowledge. The equipment that is not in use should also be disconnected from the system.

Old and unused equipment is unlikely to be updated and, if not disconnected from the system, may act as a backdoor for the hackers to access your devices. Companies and organizations should also stop past employees from accessing the system. Also, those whose roles have changed should not access the previous software devices where they no longer work.

7. Consider Cyber Insurance

Having a cyber insurance policy in your company or business is an important thing. When a cyber-attack occurs to your business, it is accompanied by many losses, from financial losses to data losses. It may therefore take some time for a company to recover and go back to its regular operation. 

Some organizations have also collapsed because they cannot recover from the losses. An insurance policy will help you recover from the financial losses. The coverage can also include claims by individuals that may have also been harmed.


Cyber-attack has been the number one challenge businesses face. That is because most companies depend on software for almost every activity. Enterprises must, therefore, apply the tips mentioned above to protect them from the incidence.

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