When we download or update an application on the Google Play store, sometimes Play Store misbehaves with downloading. You may have noticed it several times when you are trying to download any App from Play store and it shows Download Pending error and stuck on the same screen even after so many hours. So, today we are having its solution so that you can fix Play Store Download Pending error in just a few steps with the top 3 methods which actually works all the time.download-pending-google-play-store-problem-solved

This error occurs generally when you download/update multiple Apps at the same time and it adds in the queue. But no need to worry anymore, we are having some working solution with the help of which you can fix this error asap. So, let’s start to find out the best solution to fix the ‘Google Play Store pending download‘ problem.

Download Pending on Playstore

Before Trying Below Method Check the Following Requirements –

1. You must have an active Internet Connection.
2. Must have sufficient Mobile Storage.
3. Check your date and time settings.
4. Disable your VPN Application (if you are using any such application).

Method #1 -Force Stop Google Play Store app

1. Go to your main Mobile Settings and then find Apps.

2. Now, you will get a long list of installed apps. Select Google Play Store App from the list on your device.

3. When you open Google Play Store page, you will get 2 or 3 buttons at the top side. Please tap Force Stop.

force stop method

4. Now, go to the Play Store and find out your desired Android app and start downloading. You will get an instant download of the app.

Method #2 – Clear Data Play Store App

1. Go to the main Mobile Settings » All Installed Apps.

2. Select Google Play Store App from the list on your device.

3. Now, you will get some options like Clear Data,  Clear Cache etc.

3. Tap Clear Data >> Clear All Data.

Note – Must check that after click On “Clear Data” all data will be reduced to 0. If not, then do it again.

Method #3 -Uninstall Play Store Update Method

1. Go to your main Mobile Settings.

2. Scroll down and tap on Apps.

3. There you find Google Play Store and click on it.

4. There you will see an option For “Disable”, click on it.

5. Done.

Final Words on Google Play Download Pending Problem Solutions

So, we have written three working methods to fix out the problem of Google Play Store download pending problem in Android phone. You can use any method mentioned above in the list and you will get a 100% solution of the download pending problem in Android. If you find out any problem or issue, just drop a comment below and we will fix it as soon as possible.


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