Minecraft Players Can Earn $70 per Hour of Work for This Company 

Minecraft Players Can Earn $70 per Hour of Work for This Company

The main dream of all computer game players is to earn money while playing. Seems like a superpower. Especially those who have been stuck in corporate offices for years. Below in this article, we will cover the Minecraft Players Can Earn $70 per Hour of Work for This Company .

Minecraft is one of the most popular games of all time, and it has dozens of awesome features. For example, if you ever googled “affinity Minecraft,” the search results might have told you that Minecraft aqua affinity is one of the coolest features to have. Sometimes mistakenly searched for as “Minecraft aqua infinity,” this enchantment allows the player to see more clearly while staying underwater. Pretty awesome, huh? 

Guess what. Like an aqua affinity user, you can “mine” more money while playing computer games in the comfort of your home. And before you start searching on how to do it on Insider Games, we should tell you that the answer is already in this article. Just keep reading. 

This Is a Game’s World

Playing Minecraft game feels like finding the best all-in-one game. The player can construct buildings, write their own adventure story, solve challenging problems, and fight monsters. The open-worlds of Minecraft will never get boring. And let us be honest: all players want to be paid for playing games just like all readers would love to be paid for reading books. The only difference is that the book lovers already have such a profession called “editor.” 

Meanwhile, in the world of computer games, you can be a video game developer, game designer, screenwriter, animator, and many other things when it comes to the development of a particular. From now on, you can also become a visual gardening consultant. A new position is opening, so be sure to apply for it. 

Sounds Like a Dream Job

If you have not mastered designing skills yet, the time has come to do it. A British website WhatShed has introduced a new service when it comes to virtual gardening. Called a “Minecraft gardening service,” the new feature allows the players to cooperate with a real virtual gardener specialist. They pay the gardening professional and get the best advice in designing and building the game space. 

But how does the player get paid for lending their experience and knowledge? Minecraft has been innovative even in its payment. Prepare for Minecoin, the game’s currency. Seems like Minecraft has built a separate universe with a pretty stable economy. 

Minecraft Players Can Earn $70 per Hour of Work for This Company
Minecraft Players Can Earn $70 Per Hour of Work for This Company

Once a Minecraft fan is hired as a virtual gardening consultant, they set their own prices for the services. We are told that the highest price goes up to $70 per hour!

The process of consulting other players is simple. The virtual gardening consultants visit the player’s universe, discuss styles and design issues, and suggest solutions. The latter would mean creating a set of designs for the customer, so once the consultant is away, they can redesign their universe with confidence. 

How to Become a Virtual Gardening Consultant

To become a virtual gardening consultant, you do not need special gardening knowledge. 

What you do need, however, is a strong knowledge of Minecraft and the game’s building strategies. Like in many other traditional consulting jobs, clients are a top priority. You must have strong communication skills to persuade the player that the chosen color is great. Because the position is all about being creative, you will also have to generate new ideas. 

If you like the player, you might share your experience and teach the client to search for excellent mods in Minecraft. All they have to do is type “best modes Minecraft” in their Google search. Pretty simple, the mods like Minecraft: FastCraft Mod prevent lag and allow the player to build as many structures as they want to.

Responsibilities and Benefits

Like any other job, the position of a virtual gardening consultant has its own responsibilities and benefits.

A virtual gardening consultant must visit the player’s Minecraft worlds and evaluate whether the design decisions are effective. Persuading the client that the decision you have made is reasonable is another responsibility. You will also have to stay within a budget the player has chosen. 

Creating a pack of additional designs for a client might be challenging. But to be on the safe side, learn the client’s taste and stick to their preferences. 

The main benefit of working as a virtual gardening consultant is obvious: you are paid while playing a favorite game. Other (quite optional) advantages are remote work and an opportunity to share your designing ideas with real people who also love Minecraft. 

For Those Who Think the New Service is Nonsense

If you found yourself pondering on the need for virtual gardening, let us remind you about the possibilities the new job position brings to the world. 

  • Virtual gardening restores the fame of real gardening. The older generation knew how to bond with nature. Virtual gardening may inspire millennials to put aside their laptops at least once a week and dig into the real world (pun intended).
  • Virtual gardening teaches young players to care about nature. Finally, computer gaming fans learn that nature is important. We guess that hiring a team of visual gardening consultants for Eco might be a good idea. Which game can teach you more about global warming than Eco where each action impacts the natural balance?
  • Virtual gardening teaches design and architecture. Ever wanted to check if you may be as talented as Odile Decq or John Nash? Try working as a virtual gardening consultant.
  • Virtual gardening sounds like an awesome hobby to have. While others ride bicycles, read books, and travel, being a virtual gardener sounds more interesting. And it’s also a great idea for daily small talk once the conversation hits a bumpy road.

Final Thoughts

The gaming industry is one of the most lucrative and promising fields in the twenty-first century. No wonder that even gardening companies have entered it. If gardening sounds boring in real life, try it in Minecraft. 

While practicing creativity, you will be an important part of the Minecraft universe. Next time someone asks you about the job, you will feel confident to answer the questions. The reason is that finally, you are making the world a better place, even when it’s virtual.

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