How Medical Malpractice may cause Cerebral Palsy in Miami

Have you ever seen a person with walking difficulty having uncoordinated movements? Such a person might have cerebral palsy. Although several factors may cause the condition, medical malpractice can also be a factor. The Miami medical malpractice lawyers can help you get compensation for any malpractice. It is a condition where the person’s movement, posture, and balance are deranged. In this blog, we will discuss how Medical Malpractice can cause Cerebral Palsy in Miami. Let us start-

Deprivation of oxygen to the unborn baby

Oxygen is the basic necessity for us to survive. During delivery, if the umbilical cord gets pressed, the baby gets deprived of oxygen. Oxygen is the most important thing for the brain to work efficiently. Usually, when the Doctors and the nurses are negligent during the delivery, it can lead to cerebral palsy.

Neglecting early warning signs

Although the genetic makeup of the baby and the environmental causes lead to brain malfunction leading to cerebral palsy. Different screening tests are available to look for such abnormalities in the baby after the baby gets conceived. If the Doctor neglects such signs in the screening test, cerebral palsy can happen.

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Post-birth complications                

Even after birth, the baby can have cerebral palsy. After birth, the baby gets deprived of oxygen, gets an infection, or suffers any brain trauma; deformities can result. That’s why monitoring a baby even after birth is crucial; the doctors and the nurses play a pivotal role.

Insufficient Emergency Procedures

All the hospitals should be well equipped to handle any emergency at the time of delivery of the baby. Failure to have the facilities or follow the standards of care can lead to brain abnormalities in the baby, causing cerebral palsy.

Problems with medically necessary C- sections

If the c- section is not performed right, fetal distress can happen, leading to irreversible brain damage. In cases of the C- section, do not delay the surgery as it increases complications for the mother and the baby.

Other possible reasons

Lack of doctor skills, inability to diagnose the condition in the womb, improper application of the delivery forceps, too much patient load in the hospital, miscommunication amongst the Doctor and the staff can also precipitate cerebral palsy due to medical malpractice.


Not all cases of Cerebral Palsy in Miami area due to Medical Malpractice. If the Doctors and the staff get cautious at the delivery time, it will minimize cerebral palsy patients due to medical malpractice.

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