Link Building: A 10-Step Cheat Sheet

Businesses looking for ways to increase their reach should turn to link building. This strategy increases web traffic because other companies use your content within theirs. When their customers engage with their content, those customers see your links. They click on them and arrive at your website. The strategy might sound simple, but it takes time and energy. 

1. Use link-building professionals

Because you have other things to do with your time, let link building services help you. They know how to reach out to websites that can boost your traffic. They also know the best types of posts that encourage readers to click. Link-building sites let you spend time on the other tasks that grow your business. 

2. Use inbound links

Link building starts internally. When you write a blog post, include links to other blog posts on your site. Doing so keeps customers on your site. The more time they spend on your site, the more likely they are to make a purchase. 

3. Check domain authority

Before you ask about linking to another business, check their domain authority. You only want to be included on websites that customers trust. Your business reputation can drop if customers find you on sketchy sites. 

4. Grow relationships with other businesses

You can increase your link building by developing relationships with related businesses. For example, if you share space in a local strip mall, chat with nearby business owners about linking to each other. You can also connect to companies with related products. For example, if you sell jewelry, consider developing relationships with businesses in the wedding industry. 

5. Test links regularly

A quick way to lower your business’s reputation is by having broken links. Check the links on your site to be sure they are accurate, then check links to your site to be sure they are still working. Fix the broken links immediately. Scheduling link checking a few times each month so the broken links aren’t around for long.  

6. Write engaging content

Businesses will want to work with you if your content is engaging. When you craft your content, consider the links you’d like to use and what businesses could link to it. 

7. Search for your brand and add links

If other companies are talking about your brand, they should link to your website. Schedule time each month to search for your brand on other websites. If the companies don’t have links to your site, talk to their webmaster and give them links to use. 

8. Use smart anchor text 

When writing content, create anchor text that lends itself to link building. The best anchor text includes short phrases of three to five words. 

9. Don’t worry about directory websites

Stop wasting your time with directory websites. Yes, customers can find you on them, but they don’t help grow your business like linking in content. 

10. Become a guest blogger

If you’ve got something to say that other businesses could use, become a guest blogger. Writing content is tough, and many companies don’t mind having quality content handed to them. Don’t forget to link to your website in your guest blogs. 

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