How to Level up Fast in Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War

Leveling up in Call of Duty Black Ops isn’t that easy. The game is filled with pro players who are ready to take you down with the slightest mistakes. So if you are kickstarting your Black Ops Cold War journey, this guide is here to help you. 

We’ll introduce you to some pro tips and tricks to level up quickly in the game. You can also use the best Cold War cheats to rank up even further. 

Therefore, let’s dive in and see the pointers to rank up fast and earn as many XPs as possible in the famous multiplayer game Cold War. 

Check the “challenges Nearest to Completion” Page Before Every Match

The best way of leveling up in COD Balck Ops is to use the in-game challenges system. You can earn a large sum of XPs through the system. Before you start playing a match, press R1/RB to go to the “challenges” section in the lobby. 

Next, select the “multiplayer” option and navigate to the bottom panel, where you can see the numbered challenges. When you tap on the bottom panel, it will take you to the nearest challenges of the completion screen. 

There you can see how close you are to finishing challenges. Try to complete the challenges every day to get extra XP and level up. 

Use Zombies 

As per the new update on Call of Duty Black Ops cold war, you will rank up equally in whichever mode you play. So even if you play in the Zombie mode, you will level up just like you do in the multiplayer mode. 

Zombies have numerous challenges, and most of them are quite easy to finish. Zombies also have the “Challenges nearest to completion,” so don’t forget to check it before starting your daily games

Play With Different Weapons

Sticking to just one type of weapon won’t work in your favor. Although you might get comfortable playing with just one gun throughout the game, it will land you in trouble at some point. Therefore, adaptation is necessary. 

It’s best to master each weapon in your Create-A-class menu. You should put together an LMG, SMG, an assault rifle, and a sniper rifle with different equipment settings to swap guns easily. If you have equal control over all types of weapons, you will be able to adapt easily as per the situation. 

Choose Different Game Modes 

Swapping between game modes frequently will also help you level up fast in the game. Therefore, sticking to one genre may be good for your muscle memory but not for ranking up. 

Game modes with objectives like Domination and Hardpoint will net you extra XPs than games modes which are just about eliminations. In Domination or Hardpoint, you get points for holding choke points or securing areas. 

Finish Dark Ops Challenges 

Dark Ops challenges are classified ones that require you to play in a different style to unlock them. However, these challenges are extremely helpful when you are trying to rank up quickly in COD: Cold War. 

Some of the multiplayer and Zombies challenges that you can easily pull off are- 


  • Finish the Easter Egg (5K XP)
  • Purchase every weapon from the Mystery Box (5K XP)
  • Collect two weapons to Pack-A-Punch level three with Ammo modes. Also, activate all perks at once. (1K XP) 
  • Kill fifty enemies with a single streak and unlock it from the crafting table (5K XP)


  • Kill 25 enemies on land while you are underwater (5K XP)
  • Finish off a team of four in Fireteam (5K XP)
  • Throw a frag grenade back at the opponent who threw it at you (1K XP)
  • Place a C4 on enemy boats to destroy it and kill the occupants five times (5K XP) 

Wrapping Up 

These are a few tips and tricks to help you level up fast in Call of Duty Balck Ops: Cold War. Make sure you take time and practice to hone your skills. Keep in mind the insight tips we mentioned and utilize them for ranking up quickly. 

If you have any other queries regarding Black Ops, let us know in the comments. If you want to see more game-related posts, keep watching this space. 

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