Know These Safari Tips for Efficient Web Browsing Experience

Safari, Apple’s own browser, was developed and released in 2003 with some exclusive privacy and efficiency features. With each upgraded version of Safari, the developers continue to add user-centric protection to explore the tracking features of Web Browsing and keep user data safe. 

We will share some of the top Safari tips that will help you improve your internet browsing experience. 

Pin Your Tabs

Do you know you can pin your favorite or most visited tabs in the Mac toolbar to easily access them even when you are not using Safari? Go to Windows, click on Pin Tab to pin the current page you are viewing. This will transform the tab into a small square which you can click to view outside of Safari. The tab will remain there until you unpin it. 

Arrange Your Tabs

Managing tabs is important to get to the right one when required. To quickly organize multiple browser tabs simultaneously, click Windows, and then select Arrange Tab By option. This feature will allow you to manage all the tabs by website or webpage title. To arrange tabs on an iPad, long-press the tab till the Arrange Tab By menu appears. 

Fix Safari Crashing

Safari is a great web browser that does not crash often; however, a number of reasons are responsible for it going unresponsive. Overloaded RAM or excessive CPU-intensive tasks are some of the most common reasons that affect Safari’s performance. Another reason why safari keeps crashing mac is the lack of operating system updates.

Track Recently Closed Tabs

If you want to view the recently closed tabs, go to the History and select the Recently Closed option. This feature is particularly helpful when you have recently closed a tab and later realized that you need to view it immediately. On iPhone, click on the Tab Overview button and long-press the + icon, while iPad users can long-press the + icon to view the recently closed tabs.

Save Pages to PDF

You can save a web page as a PDF in Safari to view it later or email it to a friend. Click on the File and select Export as PDF to share the web page content in a sharable format. On iPhone, tap on the share icon to save the webpage as PDF. You can also create an archive of website content by following the File and then Save As command.  

Customize Safari Toolbar

You can personalize the Safari toolbar to make it your own and give it a more intuitive touch that goes with your personality and choice preferences. To customize your Safari toolbar, click on View and select Customize Toolbar. It will allow you to drag and drop selected items into the toolbar, such as history, iCloud, websites, etc. 

Create Strong Passwords with Safari 

Safari assigns strong and randomized passwords to your accounts to improve online privacy and security. After you use the password for the first time, you can save it to Safari’s AutoFill for later reference. Managing your passwords is easy; all you need to do is click Safari, go to Preferences, and select Passwords to add or remove any items. 

Try Handoff for Multi-Device Colab

The Handoff feature allows you to work collaboratively on multiple Apple devices. For example, when you want to start writing an email on iPhone and finish it on iPad or start browsing a page in Safari and finish it on iPhone. 

Sign in to iCloud and activate Handoff on each Apple device. On your Mac, navigate to System Preferences, click General and tick the checkbox next to Allow Handoff. On iPhone or iPad, open Settings and toggle the switch to activate Handoff.

Learn More With Look Up

The small built-in search tool in Safari is called Look Up, which allows users to quickly find the highlighted term or word in Wikipedia, Apple App Store listings, or other resources without leaving the current tab. You need to highlight the phrase or a word, then long-press, or right-click the selection and click on Look Up.  

Add to Safari’s Reading List

So, you have found an interesting article, but you want to read it later, you can save it to your Safari’s default Reading List. The feature functions across multiple Apple devices via iCloud and allows you to save a long-form article on your Mac and read it on iPhone even in the offline mode. 

Use AutoFill to Manage Web Forms 

AutoFill features save you from filling up the same information over and over while shopping online or applying for a course. Open Safari, go to Preferences, and select AutoFill on your Mac to view contacts, credit card details, usernames and password credentials, etc. If you use the iCloud Keychain setup, your personal information will be available on all your Apple devices. 

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