Best Interview Questions to Hire a Skilled UI Developer

The UI designer is crucial in website development because a user interface allows visitors to navigate the platform and create a first impression. The work of a UI developer includes innovation, logic, and analytics. It is essential to find a proficient expert. Such could determine the overall performance of your product.

Although so many people don’t appreciate the distinction between UX and UI, it’s no wonder that businesses often employ one professional to fill both roles. We’ve compiled a list of the most important interview questions to ask UI developers applicants – take a look!

Hire a Skilled UI Developer

What does a UI developer do?

First of all, we have to define what a user interface is. The user interface (UI) is a rendering mechanism that helps you prototype a Web site, program, or another Web resource. UI actively operates on the graphical aspect of the user interface: animations, diagrams, buttons, and other website features such as fonts, colors, and shapes.

At the beginning of the process, it is essential to study the target audience and the user experience. The color palette, shapes, and form of the object location are defined based on the visitors’ needs. The user interface must be transparent, and one of the main tasks of a UI designer is to determine if the site is user-friendly, and if the buttons are easy to press, and if the text is readable. 

In other words, the UI designer ensures that the user’s interaction with the web is smooth and effective. The goal of user interface design is to provide a simple graphic so that the visitor immediately knows how to use the product.

How could a typical design process be described? 

It is a wide-ranging question. And a candidate’s answer will help you determine their potential to fit into the web development team. The design method varies from person to person, so it’s essential to know if the candidate’s processes make sense to match those of your company. A candidate should be capable of telling you what makes their design process special, but they should still be able and willing to adopt standard procedures. 

In what ways do you collaborate with UX designers?

Since both UX and UI developers are closely involved with architecture, they need to pull together on this issue. In case a UI developer needs to change something created by a UX specialist, they have to review wireframes, UI functionality, and personas to understand how the enhancements they make will affect the overall user experience.

What does Call To Action mean? Is it relevant?

One of the main features of a blog, forum, or app is a call to action. In few words, it is the app’s function that moves the user to the desired action: buy, copy, donate, etc. The wireframe and prototype of the UX designer should represent the perfect call-to-action for the customer. The CTA should be instantly recognized and taken into account by an experienced UI designer. Color, scale, font, place, and orientation will accentuate an aspect, and the UI designer is responsible.

Can you make an example of a website or app with a poor user interface?

A developer demonstrates his design principles for objects such as buttons, input fields, login scripts, forms, heights, positions, colors, etc., by defining aspects of an ineffective user interface. A highly qualified candidate can always describe why the end-user does not like a particular user interface.

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