9 Incredible Ideas to Increase Engagement on Instagram

Connecting with our target audience is the goal of Instagram engagement. We’d be talking to an empty room if we didn’t have it. With over 1.4 million monthly active users, it’s a platform with significant ROI potential.

However, to reap the benefits of this platform, we need more than just an account and an audience. Simply put, we require engagement. Importantly, engagement is only valuable when it is genuine — when it comes from real people who genuinely care.

This guide will give us everything we need to know to increase our Instagram engagement and build long-lasting relationships with our followers.

What does Instagram Engagement Mean?

Instagram engagement goes beyond simply counting likes and followers. It’s about measuring our audience’s interactions with our content.

In other words, engagement occurs whenever one of our followers interacts with our profile or responds to one of our posts.

Instagram engagement is measured by various metrics such as:

  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Shares
  • Saves
  • Story Views
  • Click-throughs
  • Hashtag usage
  • DMs (Direct Messages)
  • Brand mentions

These kinds of actions show that people aren’t just seeing our content. They’re genuinely interested in what we’re saying.

Why is Instagram Engagement Important?

Instagram engagement is determined by how our followers interact with our posts, not by how many users follow us. It is crucial for several reasons, such as:

  • It reveals how people react to our content. The more our audience connects with our content, the more engaged they will be.
  • It allows us to see if our social media marketing efforts are paying off and directs us toward deeper connections with our followers.
  • It indicates that our content is popular with our audience and serves as a ranking factor for Instagram’s algorithm. The algorithm considers engagement when deciding what content to show users on Instagram.

    So, if our posts receive a high level of engagement, they are more likely to appear in the feeds of users with whom we consistently interact, thereby increasing our reach.

How Can We Increase Engagement on Instagram- 9 Incredible Ways

Given the popularity of Instagram, strong engagement is a priority. Here are nine fantastic ideas to boost Instagram engagement.

1. Identifying Our Audience’s Taste

Knowing our audience’s interests is critical to keeping our followers interested. It’s challenging to create great content if we don’t know who we’re creating it for or what interests and motivates them.

Using Instagram audience insights, we can learn about the demographics of our target audience, which will help us define the type of content we post. We can also learn about people who interact with our posts, such as their location, age, and gender.

2. Posting Content Regularly

The Instagram algorithm prefers active users; posting content frequently will help us get our content in front of more people and increase our Instagram engagement. The more we post, the more chances our followers have to interact. So, to keep our feed fresh and our followers interested, we must commit to posting content regularly.

3. Creating interesting Instagram Reels

Instagram reels are a great way to increase visibility and engagement on our pages. There are numerous ways to create Instagram reels, including interactive how-to videos, sharing customer experiences, behind-the-scenes peeks, and many others.

Using the Instagram Reels Maker online tool, we can quickly create stunning Instagram Reels. These tools come with many Instagram story templates and easy-to-use editable templates so we don’t have to start from scratch. We only need to upload images or videos, music, and other exciting video elements, and Instagram Reels Maker will do the rest.

4. Posting Carousels

Carousel posts outperform all other types of Instagram posts, with 0.85% engagement. We must grasp this opportunity to increase our engagement.

There are numerous applications for carousel posts, such as:

  • User-generated content
  • Product tutorials
  • Multiple product views
  • Telling brand stories
  • Customer reviews

5. Running Instagram lives

82% of followers would rather watch a live stream than read social media posts. So, why not give Instagram live a shot?

Running Instagram Lives provides our followers a more immersive experience by allowing them to meet and interact with us. Viewers can ask questions, share ideas, and leave comments in real-time, which is an excellent way for us to engage with our followers.

6. Writing Strong Captions

Strong captions provide context for the images in our post, highlight our brand personality, and encourage our audience to take action. Instagram captions can contain up to 2,200 characters and up to 30 hashtags. With a strong caption, we can tell a compelling story and invite our followers to share their own in the comments.

7. Posting Content in Strategic Times

The Instagram algorithm rewards posts with high levels of engagement. If our audience engages with our content, that post has a better chance of appearing in more people’s feeds. That means even more engagement. So, we must post our valuable content at the appropriate times and the best possible moment!

8. Adding strong CTAs

When done with care, a compelling CTA (call to action) can prompt activity, likes, responses, or shares. While this can be introduced into our profile, images, or caption copy, the most direct way to snare followers’ attention is to use Instagram’s official CTA buttons available to enterprises. We can find it below our post, which is ideal for delivering short, punchy CTAs such as ‘Call Now’ and ‘Learn More.’

9. Promoting Our Instagram channel on Other Social Media Platforms

Spreading the word about our Instagram channel as widely as possible is another important strategy for increasing the number of followers on our page. We can promote our Instagram account on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms by posting an announcement with a link to our Instagram page. It will bring together followers from across our social networks and increase our Instagram engagement.

Final Thoughts

We can maximize the potential of our Instagram profile by implementing these incredible ideas for increasing Instagram engagement. So, regardless of how the network evolves, we can boost engagement and take our Instagram account to the next level. Now that we have all these ideas, it’s time to put them to use!

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