How to Watch Movies with Friends Online

I think this 2020 sucks everything from the person who planned for something else. Working with office colleagues to work from home in this quarantine period.

No more socializing with people and spending full time at home is a little bit difficult. People are desperately asking for How to watch movies with friends online and how to feel good in lockdown periods.How-to-watch-movies-with-friends-online

…but don’t worry you can still have fun with your friends and colleagues at the same time, you can watch movies with friends online and you can also share your lame jokes with friends who watching movies together.

Yes, you read it right all can be done without stepping outside from home. We are going to share 7 extensions and apps through which you can watch anime and movies together.

7 ways to watch movies together online:

1. Metastream
2. Netflix Party
3. Scener
4. Syncplay
6. TwoSeven
7. Watch2gether

1. Metastream

Metastream allows you to watch movies online with friends using Firefox and chrome extension. It allows you to watch movies together with friends and family online in complete sync along with a chat option. You can stream Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, Netflix, Youtube, Twitch all in Meta stream.


You don’t need to create an account or go through a complex setup process.

How to Access Metastream:

1. Click Here to visit website
2. Enter your Username
3. Download Chrome or Firefox Extension.
4. Start Session and add your friends, colleagues to join session.
5. You can Chat with one another through an inbuilt chat option.
6. There is no limit for joining the Session. (Unlimited User can Watch at the same time)

2. Netflix Party

Now Netflix Party is one of the most famous extensions among the youth to host movie nights. Netflix Party is another popular way to watch Netflix movies and TV-series together with friends and family. It offers seamless playback sync and a chatbox for interaction with friends, but keep in mind, there is no webcam or audio chat.


How to Use Netflix Party:

1. Download The Netflix Party Chrome Extension.
2. Now open and click on any movie, Web series and pause it right there.
3. You see the color change in Netflix party extension on your top right side from gray to red.
4. “Create a Party” popup will appear on the screen. Click on “Start the Party”
5. Now Copy your Url and share it with your friends.

3. Scener

Scener is another Netflix party alternative for watching Netflix movies and you can also watch anime together with friends online. However, the best part Scener is that it allows webcam and audio chat as well. You can see the face reaction of your friends while any scenes or you can express yourself.


Basically, you can video chat simultaneously while watching movies together online. You can add Max. 10 people.

How to Host Screner Movie Party:

1. Download the Screner Chrome Extension.
2. Now Open And create your Screner Profile and sign in to Netflix.
3. Now Click on Create Private Theater
4. Screner will ask your permission to enable camera click Yes or No this is upon you.
5. Now screner will provide you link or Code which you have to share with your friends.

Note: Screner allows you to give Control to any of you which include pause, play, and rewind the video.

4. Syncplay

Syncplay is for those users who want to watch downloaded movies with friends online. The playback syncing is seamless and the app is completely free given that it’s an open-source program. Syncplay broadcast Media player across the multiple devices.

It’s available for all operating systems Windows, macOS, And Linux.

Click here to Download Syncplay


You can say is another best raddit alternative where you can watch movies with friends. It also provides 5GB of my cloud storage so that you can Upload your custom video and enjoy seamlessly. integrated with Vimeo, Youtube, and Dailymotion video streaming platforms which is absolutely free of cost. provide you chat option where you can share your opinion. whereas you can’t experience webcam and audio support.

How to access

1. Open homepage.
2. Enter room id to watch video
You can search video on the homepage or share a video URL and share with your friends.

6. TwoSeven

Twoseven extension allows you to watch movies with friends online with real-time video sharing platform with zero latency.

Twoseven support Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, and other OTT platforms. Twoseven also provides premium service for some features, which is not a big amount to spend.

Twoseven also provides chat and live reactions through webcam features. TwoSeven provides Theater mode, Enable reactions, and Night mode. You can also add your friends through email and add in your friend list so next time you can directly invite from the homepage section.


How to Host Movie party:

  1. Open Twoseven website

2. Create your Twoseven profile.
3. Now create a room (by clicking Start Watching) and share the room link with them directly.

7. Watch2gether:

As the name suggests you can watch movies together online but here is a twist that watch2gether allows you to listen to music or do shopping online together these features you can’t get in the above list. But the bad thing is you can’t webcam and audio is not supported in spite of this one another bad thing is some popular streaming sites are also not supported.


Watch2gether allows you to access Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Soundcloud, and Amazon for shopping.

How to host:
1. Create a room
2. Share the link with your friends.
3. Now watch videos or listen to music.

About How to watch Movies Together Online With These Apps:

Many of the geekyarea readers ask through email or with direct chat with our social media accounts how they can watch movies with friends online in the lockdown period. So our team comes with the best article for our readers after testing each and every above extension personally.

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