How to Trace Mobile Number in India – Possible or Not? Read Here

Sometimes you may face the need to trace a mobile number. It may be because someone is annoying you or your mobile phone has been stolen. So if you are also searching for a way to Trace Mobile Number, then we are here to tell you if it is possible to track mobile number in India or not.


Is it possible to trace mobile number in India

Every number has its own IP address so that any number can be tracked by that IP address. Many people have the misconception that they can track the mobile number and can get the exact location of the phone. But it is not true. We can only get the details of the mobile operator and location from where the user has bought the sim(Telecom Circle). So, if you are thinking to trace a mobile number with full address, then you are simply wasting your time.

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Who can Trace Mobile Number in India

IP of any mobile number can only be tracked by government authorized letter of court or police. Ordinary peoples don’t have the permission to track the mobile number or get access to any other private data of a person. It is because our law doesn’t allow to share anyone’s personal data to everyone without his/her permission. So you can’t track anyone’s mobile number in India.

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Mobile Number Tracker Websites in India

Here we are listing the three most popular and trusted mobile number tracker websites in India.

1. TrueCaller

TrueCaller is one of the most popular services to trace the mobile phone numbers. It has its website as well as the app. It not only traces the mobile numbers but also synchronizes the contacts of phones to make a database of phone numbers and their owners. It displays the owner name; if it is unable to find the name of the owner, it only shows the location like city or district only.

2. Trace Phone Number

Trace Phone Number is a phone tracker that claims to trace the location and telecom operator of phone numbers. Recently it also added landline phone tracing.

3. Mobile Tracker

Mobile Tracker is another website that claims to trace the mobile number. It tries to locate the location of the telecom Data circle where the number belongs. This service works only for Indian phone numbers.

Final Words Mobile Phone Number Tracking Software

So if you are also thinking to trace anyone’s mobile number with complete information, then it is not pretty simple. You can just know the location from where the user has bought the sim. If you want to know the owner’s name and the base location of the sim, then you can use any of the websites which we have mentioned above. In case of any queries, please let us know in the comment section below.

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