How To Score Full Marks In Class 11 Maths

Class 11 is a turning point for a student. The curriculum as compared to Class 10 changes drastically when a student enters Class 11. Also, Class 11 is a very crucial phase as it forms the base not only for class 12 board exams but also the competitive exams that one has to face after 12th. 

Talking about Class 11 Maths, there are several new concepts in the syllabus, but if properly understood it is not that difficult to score full marks at all. Students are confused as to how to prepare for the exam and how to score good marks in it, as the Class 11th examination is just about to start. There are some useful tips that we can give you to help you score better marks in the exams. Take a look. 

Tips To Score Full Marks In Class 11 Maths

Before one starts preparing for the Class 11 Maths exam it is important to remember that the result is directly proportional to the hard work invested in the preparation. People say that only school students with a rational bent understand mathematics. But it is not so. Mathematics is a discipline that helps students develop rational thinking and a logical approach. One cannot instantly improve the scores in mathematics, but here are some tips that will help the students to improve and even help you achieve full marks in maths. 

  • Let’s plan first- The student should make a list in the form of a subject and divide it into chapters. One has to practice as many exams based questions as possible as they start focusing on topics in which they have a stronghold. Once the students are done with these concepts, focus on the chapters in which they are weak. While practising the topics from the Class 11 Maths book, one should ensure making notes along with. These notes can include concepts in short or the formulas involved in a particular chapter of Class 11 maths. These notes that the students will prepare will help them to brush up on the concepts on the go and they will also come to the rescue when the students are involved in the last-minute revision. 
  • Do it yourself- It is very crucial that the students practice more and more so that they come across different types of questions for Class 11 Maths. Once the students face different questions they should also try to solve them on their own. Once it is done it will make sure that they are able to apply the concepts that they have learned and will take them close to their goal of scoring full marks in class 11 Maths. Moreover, it will also make sure that in case a student faces some different questions while giving the Class 11 Maths exam they do not panic and try to apply the concepts properly to solve the problem there and then. 
  • Stick with the CBSE prescribed books- Many students in the urge to score good marks run behind different books. Ultimately, they end up completing only some part of each book. 

It is advised that in order to score full marks in Class 11 Maths, students should follow the NCERT book along with the NCERT exemplar. These books have to be done properly on priority. Once they are thorough with these they can definitely go to the other books for more practice. They can refer to other books along with the solutions given in the book for better practice. For example- RS Aggarwal Class 11 Maths Chapter 15 Solutions.

  • Manage your time wisely– It is very important to manage your time wisely if you want to score full marks in class 11 Maths. As there will be several other subjects to be dealt with in Class 11 so a proper timetable will ensure that the students are giving equal time to all the subjects and they do not leave any particular subject behind. Talking about Class 11 Maths, one needs to practice the questions daily. 
  • Solving sample papers– it is highly recommended to solve sample papers at least one or two months before the exams. Test to be done so that we can give ourselves an exam-like environment when we are solving the sample papers and we know how to manage time which will make us complete the Class 11 Maths exam on time. 

Things to keep in mind during Class 11 Maths Exam

Following are some really important things that one has to keep in mind if they want full marks in Class 11 Maths:


Before the students start solving the exam paper they have to go through all the questions properly and also check the questions which they can attempt confidently and easily. It is advisable to solve those problems first which day can easily do you so that extra time is saved for other questions. 

  • One has to make sure that they are focusing on the questions with higher marks so that they don’t miss them out in any case. 

We need to understand that each and every step is marked in the maths paper. So, in order to score full marks in Class 11, Maths students have to write all the steps they are using for solving a question so that they don’t even lose one mark. 


While solving the Class 11 Maths exam paper it is also important to keep a track of time so that you do not exceed the given time and miss out on questions. 


Once you complete your paper it is extremely important to revise each and every answer that you have written. 

The first step for revision is that you check if you have attempted all the questions or not and then you start revising your answers and your steps to make sure you have not done any calculation mistake in the question. If you still have time, go through your answers again.

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Scoring full marks in Class 11 Maths is not impossible, always remember that if you believe in yourself and work hard as it is an achievable target. 

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