How to Fix Windows Update Error 80070103

How to Fix Windows Update Error 80070103: Installing the latest updates for your operating system have a necessary part of providing its security and smooth functionality. However, when you try to update Windows but rather receive the windows update error 80070103. It can instead frustrate, particularly given the truth that every little detail has given about why it occurred.

Error 80070103 basically has exactly no kidding. The most effective way to sort it would as an advance notice, so there has almost no justifiable excuse for you to fear. Much of the time, the error alludes to the end client or framework. Endeavoring to introduce a gadget driver that has now introduced on the system.

Reasons Occurred in Error 80070103

  • The Windows Update has endeavored to introduce a gadget driver that has now present on the PC.
  • Windows Update has endeavored to introduce an outdated or contradictory rendition of a gadget driver that has now introduced on the PC.
  • Update can’t finish due to an intermediary server or inner turmoil.
  • A gadget driver is outdated or not working accurately.

How to Fix Windows Update Error 80070103

There are countless conditions in that you might experience blunder 80070103. The one genuinely normal circumstance is subsequent to moving up to Windows 10. This is on the grounds that the gadget drivers will regularly be continued with the overhaul. So while the working framework endeavors to refresh the gadget drivers either with similar drivers or an outdated variant, the end client will get blunder 80070103.

1. Reinstall Device Drivers

You have to download the right adaptation which is viable with your working framework, prior to uninstalling the ebb and flow designs driver. You need to begin your PC in experimental mode after you introduce DDU, Display Driver Uninstaller. Begin the introduced application subsequent to booting your gadget. Your PC will get in like manner restarted after the application will uninstall the at present introduced drivers naturally. Subsequent to sending off the application, you need to ‘Clean and Restart’.

Reinstall Device Drivers


  • You need to type “Devmgmt. MSC” and hit enter in the wake of squeezing the Windows + R key.
  • To extend the classification ‘Show Adapters’ once you get into the gadget chief.
  • You need to choose ‘Update Driver’ after right-tapping on the gadget.
  • Peruse my PC for driver programming” must be chosen after that.
  • To introduce the downloaded driver in the wake of exploring the area and adhering to the guidelines

2. Hide the Update

Assuming the gadget driver that the working framework endeavored to refresh is working accurately, then you must apply the update. Experiencing the same thing like this, you can decide to conceal the update, like that; Windows Update won’t endeavor to apply a similar update from here on out.

Hide the Update

  • In the first place, boot into your PC with full regulatory privileges.
  • Then, at that point, press Windows key + R, type Control Panel and snap-on OK
  • When Control Panel loads up, type Windows Update into the Search Control Panel box, then click on Windows Update.
  • Now, contingent upon the updates you have accessible, you’ll either tap on Important updates are accessible or Optional updates have accessible.
  • On the Select the updates you need to introduce screen, just right snap on the Update and select Hide update.
  • The following thing you’ll need to do is a correct click on My Computer and select Properties
  • Whenever the System loads up, click on cutting-edge framework settings.
  • This will raise System Properties, on the Hardware Tab, click on Device Installation Settings.

3. Configure Proxy Server Settings

Another typical reason for error 80070103 has the wrong arrangement of an intermediary server. If that has the reason for your circumstance, then, at that point, I suggest you actually take a look at your intermediary settings, moreover, you can utilize the below order to really look at your intermediary status:

Configure Proxy Server Settings

  • Boot into your PC with full authoritative access.
  • Then, at that point, press Windows key + R, type cmd, and click on OK.
  • When Command Prompt burdens up, type netsh winhttp show intermediary and hit the Enter key.

4. Run System File Checker

One more typical reason for error 80070103 has the debasement or potentially cancellation of significant framework records. In the event that this has to faulted for your windows error. You can fix it by utilizing the framework record checker. In the event that you don’t have the foggiest idea what this instrument has, it’s essentially an underlying Windows fix apparatus, intended to examine, recognize and fix or supplanted harmed or potentially missing framework documents.

Run System File Checker

  • In the first place, you should boot into your PC with full authoritative freedoms.
  • Then press Windows key + R, type cmd, and click on OK
  • Whenever Command Prompt burdens up, type SFC/scannow and press Enter.


Now, all you need to do the error code 800701013 has tackled or not and whether you could stay away from the windowsupdate_80070103 error. Assuming you have as yet confronted a similar issue, go ahead and reach us to get more arrangements.

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