How to Fix Ps5 Controller Not Connect to Pc Issue

Ps5 Controller Not Connect to Pc Issue: If you are using a ps5 controller and having issues connecting it to your computer. Many people have been sharing this problem. When you connect your ps5 Controller to your computer, it usually performs fine. In any case, following a couple of hours, it quits working, or the ps5 Controller doesn’t interface with Pc. And it does not work also until you open it from the computer.

So what reasons for this issue? Is it a hardware issue? Or is it software-related? Well, let me clarify to you how this issue appears, and also, In this article, I will guide you on How to Fix the PS5 Controller not connected to a PC.

1. Reset PS5 Controller

Reset PS5 Controller

Inside the back of the Controller, there is a small opening. Push down on the lower part of the opening with a paperclip. Hold it for around five seconds. You ought to hear a signal, or the light will squint up. Now you know how to reset your gamepad

Connect the Controller with PS5 in wired mode utilizing the given USB Type-A cable. Utilize the provided USB cable to connect the Controller with PS5. Press the ‘PlayStation button’ on the Controller, and it will match the Controller. Once matched, eliminate any USB cables from the Controller.

Take a shot at connecting the Controller to the PC remotely now. On the off chance that that doesn’t work, it very well may be a direct result of the Steam Controller settings.

2. Change Steam Controller settings

Change Steam Controller settings

You can change the steam settings to compel the Controller to remain connected to the PC. In the first place, Open the Steam application and Go to settings > Controller>and General controller settings.

Now Select your Controller. On the following screen, pick PlayStation/PS5 controller.

From that point onward, change the closure time. To do this, go to the “System Settings” menu and see the “Shut Down Options” location. You will most likely see a possibility for “Never” under the Shutdown Time Setting. Change the setting from 15 minutes to never.

3. Update Operating System

Update Operating System

Once in a while, the Operating System causes the connection issue, and afterward, the arrangement is to refresh the OS. There are multiple ways of refreshing the operating system, including Windows 10 Os, OSX, and Linux. Open the windows control board and snap on the “update and recuperation” choice.

4. Clear Connection History

Clear Connection History

Some of the time when you connect the Controller to the PC, a few records could get put away in the controller memory. So clear the information inside the controller memory with the goal that the Controller wouldn’t hold any additional data.

To do this, press each of the four buttons without a moment’s delay. The Controller will show an “Unmistakable Controller Data” message. Then, at that point, click “Yes.” This activity will eradicate every one of the connections between the Controller and PC.

5. Disable power management for the Controller

Disable power management for the ps5 Controller

If nothing from what was just mentioned solutions worked for you, try disabling the Controller’s power the managers’ highlight. To do this, follow these steps:

Inside the rear of the Controller, press the little dark button situated on the left half of the Controller. It will switch off the Power the board work for the Controller.
Connect the Controller to the PC through Wired and attempt once more

6. Update Bluetooth drivers on PC

Update Bluetooth drivers on PC

The last thing to check is refreshing the Bluetooth driver on the PC. Some of the time the driver gets debased and should be refreshed. Right-click on the “Windows start” menu logo and choose “Device Manager.” Find your PlayStation 5 Controller from the rundown of gadgets. Then, at that point, right-click on the Controller and pick “Eliminate Device.” On your pc, go to Settings > Device > Bluetooth and different devices > turn on the Bluetooth on the off chance that it’s not currently turned on. Now Click on t “Add Bluetooth or Other Device” choice and Select Bluetooth.

Press and hold the ‘PlayStation’ button and the ‘Offer’ button all the while until a spring up shows up (blazing a light). Pick ‘Connect’. From that point forward, you ought to see your PS5 Controller in the rundown of accessible controllers.

Now you’ll see the Controller on the Device Manager on Windows 10. Right-click on it, then select “Properties.” Select the really look at box ‘Drivers for consoles, mice, and so on. Click on Apply. Then OK. Right-click on the Bluetooth symbol from your system plate. Then, at that point, click on Allow a device to connect and track with to connect your gamepad to your PC by means of Bluetooth.


This article is about using a PS5 controller on a PC. After following the above steps, the not connecting, not working, or freezing problem should have fixed itself. We hope that this guide has helped you.

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