How to Fix HBO Max not Working on Samsung TV

How to Fix HBO Max not Working on Samsung TV: If the HBO Max app on your Samsung TV isn’t working, it can be irritating, mainly when you want to watch something other than the usual TV shows. However, you can efficiently fix the problem if it occurs.

When you open the Smart Tv and scroll towards HBO Max, it may not load, freeze, or fail to occur. What would you do in this case? If you read on, you’ll find some fast potions for any of these issues.

If HBO Max isn’t working on your Samsung TV, create sure you have a stable internet connection. You can also try rebooting your Smart Tv to see if the issue goes away. Never fail to update the app regularly if you want it to run without lassoes.

Reasons For HBO Max Not Working on Samsung TV

  • The HBO Max application isn’t viable with your Samsung TV.
  • You have an unsteady web association or experience difficulty with your WiFi signal.
  • You’re utilizing an obsolete rendition of HBO Max.
  • The Samsung Smart TV programming is outdated.
  • Outsider applications are disrupting the HBO Max application on your Samsung Smart TV.
    You’ve spent all the extra room on your gadget.

1. Check if you have internet

If your applications aren’t dealing with your Samsung TV, the principal thing you ought to check is whether your gadget is associated with the web. You can do as such by following the means framed underneath.

Check if you have internet

  • Press the Home button on your Samsung TV remote.
  • Go to the Settings menu, then the General menu.
  • Select Network, then Network Status.
  • The page will let you know if your gadget is associated with the web.
  • On the off chance that it doesn’t work, attempt the subsequent choice underneath.

2. Update Samsung TV software

Very much like the working framework, your Samsung TV programming will require a steady update to fix bugs and issues. Turn on Samsung TV, and go to Settings > Support > Software Update > Update Now to refresh the product. Assuming there is no update accessible, take a note of your present programming form shown on the right of your screen.

Update Samsung TV software

  • Then, at that point, you should download the most recent programming from Samsung and introduce it on your Samsung TV. This is the way.
  • Go to the Samsung download focus and observe your TV model.
  • Check in the event that the rendition on the site is equivalent to the one on your TV.
  • On the off chance that the site form is more up to date, download it and concentrate it to a USB drive.
  • Associate the USB drive to Samsung TV. Turn on Samsung TV, and go to Settings > Support > Software Update.
  • Pick “Update Now ” and “Yes” to continue to establish on-screen guidelines.

3. Reinstall HBO Max

Reinstall HBO Max

Whenever you experience the “HBO Max not chipping away at Samsung TV” issue, erase the application and reinstall it to check whether it makes a difference. This is the way to erase and reinstall HBO Max on Samsung TV.

  • Turn on Samsung TV. Go to Apps > Settings > HBO Max > Delete. If the “Erase” button is turned gray out, pick “Reinstall all things being equal.”
  • After you erase the application, click the “Search” symbol on the fundamental screen, find and download the HBO Max application.
  • Click the “Introduce” to reinstall the application. Once more, send off HBO Max check to assume the issue actually happens.

4. Restart Your Samsung Tv

Restart Your Samsung Tv

  • Keep your Samsung TV remote’s power button squeezed.
  • Stick around 5 seconds, or until your TV switches now and again once more.
  • Check to confirm assuming your HBO Max application is working.
Without Remote
  • Eliminate the TV from the divider outlet.
  • Leave it turned off for around 30 seconds prior to stopping it back in.

5. Stream via external devices

Stream via external devices

For old models sooner than 2016, there are three methods for getting to HBO Max, and every one of them requires outer gadgets or connectors.

  • Use Chromecast to project HBO Max from your telephone, PC, or other savvy gadgets.
  • Use Airplay 2 to stream HBO Max to your Samsung Smart TV.
  • Use the HDMI link to interface your PC, telephone, or other shrewd gadgets to your Samsung Smart TV.

6. Restart Your Router

Restart Your Router

Your switch interfaces your TV to the web. Your TV won’t interface with the web assuming it has an issue. Investigating the HBO Max on your Samsung TV may be just about as basic as restarting the switch.

  • Remove the switch from the divider outlet.
  • Kindly stand by 60 seconds prior to connecting it once more.


If HBO Max isn’t dealing with your Samsung TV, feel free to the choices recorded previously. They are basic DIYs you can finish very quickly. You ought to constantly make sure that your Samsung TV is associated with the web. Thus, your switch should be functional. On the off chance that this doesn’t resolve the issue, update HBO Max to the latest variant. Reinstalling the application is likewise smart; it could tackle the issue for the last time.

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