How to Fix Chromebook Mouse is Not Working in 5 Simple Methods

How to Fix Chromebook Mouse is Not Working: A Chromebook is a straightforward PC that can assist you with light errands and connectivity. Chromebooks are intended to make them more open and simple to deal with. The OS on the gadget is a Chrome OS which looks and feels very much like the Chrome program however with a couple of additional extra highlights. Having a Chromebook is helpful and incredible for understudies. Contingent upon the model you own, Chromebooks can be utilized as a PC as well as a tablet. Chromebooks are all the more ordinarily utilized as a PC. This carries us to the issue that has been irritating many Chromebook users.

Is your Chromebook mouse touchpad not working? Try these touchpad troubleshooting tips to get your mouse working again in a matter of seconds. At the point when your Chromebook touchpad quits working, it’s not difficult to go into a frenzy. In the event that you can’t move your mouse cursor, finishing a lot on your computer is difficult.

In any case, don’t worry. Odds are good that when your Chromebook mouse touchpad isn’t working, the fix is genuinely basic. We’ll walk you through normal troubleshooting steps to fix a touchpad that is not practical. The vast majority of these tips apply to Windows, however, those on a Mac can utilize some of them as well.

1. Resolve Hardware Issues

Resolve Hardware Issues

The Chromebook touchpad not working issue can be settled by fixing the utility issues in Windows hardware. Here are the right advances you should follow

  • Begin your Windows and open Control Panel with the assistance of the console.
  • Pick the Troubleshooting choice.
  • Select the Hardware and Sound tab from the menu list.
  • You will see the Control Panel is looking for troubleshooting issues. When the pursuit is finished, pick the ‘Hardware and Device’ choice under the ‘Hardware’ classification.
  • Then, explore the Following button with the assistance of the Tab key and hit the ‘Enter’ key to choose it.
  • The troubleshooting system will begin. You can follow the speed on your screen.
  • Hit the Finish tab once the cycle is finished.
  • To determine the recognized hardware issues, you should follow the on-screen steps.
  • When the hardware issues are settled, close the ‘Control Panel’ window.
  • Reboot the Windows and utilize your gadget with the touchpad

2. Disconnect External Mouse

Disconnect External Mouse

Assuming that you have enabled the choice to turn off the touchpad when an outside mouse is associated then you might confront PC touchpad, not working issues. All things considered, it is possible that you should handicap the choice from your settings or disengage the outside mouse.

You can essentially pull off the link of the mouse or on the other hand on the off chance that you have a remote mouse, go to the Bluetooth of the Windows and detach the mouse. Ensure you additionally switch off the Bluetooth button of your mouse. Presently, invigorate your Chromebook windows and you will see that the PC’s touchpad is working without a hitch.

3. Enable Touchpad In Windows Settings

Enable Touchpad In Windows Settings

Now and again, the touchpad of your Windows turns off consequently coming about in the Elitebook touchpad not working error. Luckily, in the Windows Settings application, there are explicit settings for Touchpad. You can empower the touchpad with it to quickly begin working.

  • Click on the ‘Windows’ key on your console.
  • Go to the ‘Search button’ and type ‘Touchpad’.
  • Click on ‘Touchpad settings’ and open the window.
  • There will be a choice of ‘Touchpad’. Turn it on by tapping on the switch.
  • Presently, explore the ‘Cursor speed’ choice and change the speed from 0 to anything you wish.

4. Turn On The Disabled Trackpad In BIOS

Turn On The Disabled Trackpad In BIOS

Your PC’s touchpad can be disabled from the BIOS motherboard itself. Therefore, you can’t utilize your framework with a touchpad. On the off chance that this is the motivation behind why your Chromebook touchpad not working, we should figure out how to empower the BIOS motherboard’s trackpad.

  • Press the ‘Erase’ or ‘F2’ key over and again and enter the BIOS.
  • When the window opens, click on the ‘High level’ choice.
  • Here, you will see the various kinds of motherboards under the BIOS settings. Under ‘Speaker
  • Volume’, there will be ‘Inner Pointing Device’, click on it.
  • On the off chance that the ‘Inner Pointing Device’ is disabled, click on the ‘Empowered’ choice.
  • Then, at that point. go to the upper-right corner of the screen and snap on the ‘Empower Internal touch Pad’ choice.
  • When the necessary changes are made, click on the ‘Save Changes and Exit’ choice and close the window.

5. Turn Off Tablet PC Input Service
Turn Off Tablet PC Input Service

If If you are a touchscreen PC client and unexpectedly your touchpad isn’t working then quite possibly the Tablet PC Input Service is making an issue. The Tablet PC Input Service handles the pointer usefulness of your framework. Any sort of issue in a pointer can lead you to a few issues. Thus, follow the means referenced beneath and debilitate the pointer before you face a major misfortune.

  • Close every one of the presently opened windows of the PC.
  • Press the ‘Windows’ and ‘R’ keys and when the ‘Run’ box opens, type ‘services.msc and hit the ‘Enter’ key.
  • Look down the rundown and snap on the ‘Tablet PC Input Service’ or ‘TabletInputService’ according to your Windows variant.
  • Presently, grow its choices by clicking right on it and picking the choice of ‘Debilitate’.
  • Click on the ‘Apply’ choice to save the progressions and exit from that window.


In the wake of going through these convenient methods, we trust that you are not facing the Chromebook touchpad not working issues any longer. These fixes are attempted and tried and are extremely useful for all versions of Windows.

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