How to Record the Screen in Windows with IObit Screen Recorder

Today we bring you a little trick to record your screen in the Windows operating system with a small but powerful program such as IObit Screen Recorder, software that can be downloaded directly from the web.

IObit Screen Recorder is software that you may already know and have on your computer, and that is why you may be interested in learning how you can use it to record the screen in the many versions of Windows. Screen recorder has a built-in recorder that is perfect for recording fast videos, and it is also completely free and open source.


If you are curious about how to start recording your computer screen, here are the steps you need to find the recording option for your favorite shows. Open IObit online screen recorder and use the View tab to choose the advanced controls you will need to start capturing. Go to the Media tab and then click open the capture device. You can also press CTRL + C for quick recording. The dialog box will open here.

You can click on the capture device to choose between capturing from the webcam or the desktop in the dialog box. Choose desktop as the capture mode and then select the capture rate you want.

IObit Screen Recorder will not record audio or voice automatically. You can add voices in the Show more options menu. Ensure that you also select the correct frame rate for your project when you choose the capture device. A standard frame rate can be 25 or 30 frames per second, and the standard capture rate is ten frames per second for many screenshots. Increase the rate if you want a more fluid video, but remember that this also requires more resources when recording.

When you give the button to show more options, you can also add the audio to play it simultaneously and the recording in the extra media tab. This is an ideal way to get a voice-over for a presentation with previously recorded audio or to put music to video. This online screen recorder will benefit a lot from recording your computer screen.

Click on the conversion dialog box and create a new profile.

This profile will help you get to the video codec and encoding options and choose the save location for your screenshots.

After configuring these options, click save and then click the start button, which will appear at the bottom.

When you click save, IObit Screen Recorder will start recording automatically. You may also use the record and pause button to stop the recording or the STOP button to save entirely and keep it in the location you have chosen before.

So far, this educational article, which we hope will be of great help to you the day you need to record your computer screen, with the only downside that it does not record the audio.

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