How to Hide Apps and Files on Android [Free Method Added]

Do you want to hide apps on Android phone? or do you want to find hidden apps on phone?

but why?

here is the reason

In today’s internet era user smartphone is full of information. You can access your bank account, your social media  and kept your private photo’s and video’s.

What if i tell you that that you can hide apps, photos and videos, files  on your android smartphone without rooting your mobile phone.

So we are here today to let you know how you can hide sensitive apps in your Android smartphone.


How to Hide Apps on Android

We are sharing with you four different methods that will allow you to Hide Apps on Android mobile phone. Here, you can hide apps on Android without launcher and without root.

You can also find hidden apps on an Android device without any problem. All the mentioned apps below, help you to hide apps on Android phone. Some android devices from Samsung has inbuilt fetures to hide any apps.

By Disabling the Pre-installed Apps

When you buy or reset the Android phone, you get some pre-installed apps with your phone. You get Google NewsStand, Google Books, Google Games, and some other social apps that you don’t use.

So, you can disable the pre-installed apps installed on your Android mobile by following the below steps:

Step 1: Go to the Settings of your smartphone.

Step 2: Now go to Apps & notifications. It will show you the list of all the apps installed on your mobile.

Step 3: Select any one of the pre-installed apps that you want to hide and click on Disable.

That’s it. It will hide the selected app from your Home screen. When you want to use the app again, you can Enable it.

Note: This process is applicable only for the pre-installed apps. It should be used only when you are comfortable with erasing all the data of the app. Once you enable the app, you have to set up everything again.

Hide Apps on Android using Line Launcher

You can use Nova Launcher app to hide the apps that you don’t want to show to others.

Step 1: Download the Line Launcher above link.

Step 2: Launch the Launcher you have downloaded.

Step3: Now open the apps, click and hold on the app which you want to hide.


Step4: You can select multiple apps, then click on hide apps which on the top.


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#3: Apps Hider on Android – AppLock

Nowadays people are smart and have knowledge about these launchers which can hide apps. So hiding apps don’t make sense. You can lock the apps instead of hiding. So let’s see how to lock apps on Android

How to Hide Apps on Android Without Launcher

AppLock is the most popular and it can also lock your Photos and Videos too.

Step1: Download the AppLock from the link.

Step2: Now it will for the Pin code, just enter anything you can remember and complete the setup.

Step3: Now select the apps which you wanna lock.


Yep, it is so simple and every time you open the app it will ask for PIN or password or fingerprint depending on what you set.


Bonus Tip: Use the AppLock widget, using which you can unlock all locked apps using the Pin or password or fingerprint and you can lock just by a single click on the widget.

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#4 Photo Hide App Using Audio Manager

This is one and only app which i use in my high school to hide my apps and some private files.

We all know that we can hide apps or lock apps but this app can hide the files, apps and lock them tooPhoto-hide-apps-on-android-video-hider-apk-download

Just download the Hide Photos, Video and App lock AKA Audio Manager and follow the tutorial in the app and your good to go.

Note: Apps can be hidden only if have root permission.

You can choose the file you wanna hide, add them using the + icon and your work is done.

How to Find Hidden Apps on Android using Audio Manager

Step1: Open the Audio Manager app.

Step2: Press and hold the Audio manager logo to open the secret menu.

Step3: Enter the Pin or Password you have used and you can find the hidden apps.

Note:These apps don’t give 100% security as these apps can be uninstalled using ADB commands.

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Last words on – How to Hide Apps on Android

These are 3rd party apps and you can use them at your own risk. Although these apps are trusted by millions of users. And these can be easily uninstalled if you have not locked the setting app. By using these apps, you can hide apps on Android easily and also, you can find hidden apps on an Android phone.

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