How to Access Blocked Websites in School or College (Solved)

It is very frustrating when you are trying to access any Website and you realize that you are blocked to use that particular website. Some of the firewalls are blocking websites using their best DNS Servers while some use IP based Blocking. Other advanced firewalls can detect the keywords in the URL or content and block dynamically according to the rule. But, we are here to help you to access blocked website anywhere.


How to Access Blocked Websites: Top Working Method

Mainly, Schools, Colleges, and Universities block social media websites to prevent students from accessing those websites. When I was in college, I faced the same problem and now I have found out the best solution to this problem. I will share an ultimate guide here to help you in this case:

Top Methods to Access Blocked Website in School, College or University

#1 Access Blocked Website Using Proxy Websites:

This is the most common way to access blocked website and almost every person knows the trick to access block website by a Proxy site. There are various kinds of Proxy sites available on the Internet. These proxy sites work as a moderator between the user and a Blocked Website. Sometimes the Proxy Website slows down your internet surfing as compared to normal surfing.

Famous Proxy Site Listed Below:

  • proxy

Open these websites on your desktop or laptop in your school, college and you will get an address bar to enter your URL. Enter or to enjoy these blocked websites.

#2 Google Translate Method

Yes, you read correctly. Google translate also help you to access Blocked website on the internet and it is one of the easiest methods. This is not compulsory that if any website is blocked in your country then it is blocked in other countries also. So here Google Translate works like a charm, you can access any blocked website with the help of Google Translate.

  1. You just have to copy Website Url and paste it into Google Translate. For example, if you want to open in your school, just type on Google translate website. how-to-access-blocked-website-school-college-universit
  2. Now hit enter.
  3. Here you will get the Facebook home page using Google translate:how-to-access-blocked-website-school-college-university
  4. That’s it. Now, you can enjoy your favorite website.

#3 Using Puffin Web Browser:

This method is my favorite one. No VPN and Proxy Site is required to access a website through Puffin Web Browser. You have to download Web Browser on Android and install it. Now you access any website without any additional settings.

Download From Here: PC Version || Android Version

#4 Using Virtual Private Network ( VPN ):


A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, allows you to create a secure connection to another network over the Internet. This is one of the famous methods to access a website without providing your location. VPNs can be used to access region-restricted websites. They shield your browsing activity from prying eyes on public Wi-Fi, and more. VPN service allows you to access your favorites sites using the IP address which is physically located in another country where the content is available without any restrictions.

Some Famous VPN Provider is listed below:

  • ExpressVpn
  • ininja
  • NordVPN

If you have access to college wifi on your Android, then you can use these VPNs on your mobile phone to access this website and then you will not get any restrictions on your mobile phone.

Last Words on Accessing Blocked Websites

We have reviewed all the methods discussed above and every method is working perfectly. If you are still facing any difficulty to access the blocked website using any of the above methods, then please leave a comment below, we are always ready to solve your problems. Also, share your favorite method to access Blocked Websites with your friends.

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