Hot to stop Microsoft Teams from Popping up whenever start the system

Microsoft Teams is an application developed for collaboration purposes. The application use teams to maintain their work in organized and to communicate with each other in the team. The Microsoft company developed Microsoft Teams as a platform for proprietary business.

This application used within the team for organizing meetings, conversation with each other, and also sharing the files. By using Microsoft Teams the user’s now work more with the application they are know like Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Sharepoint and so on.

What is this application do?

Creating and maintain the Microsoft Teams app

  1. Choose teams in the app
  2. Select the Join or Create a Team link that will locate in the application bottom
  3. Click on Create a Team.
  4. Type the name and description of the team.
  5. Select the privacy settings for the team. Privacy setting either Private or public
  6. Now press on Next.

Features of Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a reliable communication platform that is useful for sharing files, arrange meetings, and many features like this it provides. With the team space that is the secret to take the business decisions and every one communicate with each other. The application which provides this workspace provides so that is simple to get, whenever that team is in the big company with the employees located in different places need to communicate with each other. Below are the features of Microsoft Teams

Teams and channels:

Building a team by providing some media that are used as a communication platform for each other in that team.

Conversation in the media and the teams:

The members of the particular team can see and provide several conversations in the media and use and @function to send invitation to others to another conversations.

A chat function:

There are some common chat function contain in every collaboration applications and give option for teams, groups and individuals.

Storage of documents using sharepoint:

The teams which are using Microsoft Teams contain the website SharePoint Online, which holds the inbuilt folder document library. The files that will be shared by different people in different conversations are save in this folder.We set the security options for this folder like Permissions to authorized users on some important information.

Online video calling and screen sharing:

Get the best and speed video calls with employees in the same business or with the outside business people.This option will give a good option for collaboration tools. Sometimes we also use this as desktop sharing because a technical person attends that issue without coming to the premises he solves that issue online.

Online meetings:

This option improves our communications, within the company and also gets the training online that contains more people to attend. To attend online the user belongs to same business and also others outside to that business.

Audio Conferencing:

Most of the collaboration application doesn’t contain this application. So, using this application any user is attend the meeting through their mobile.Using this feature user have number that use in different locations, so users without internet also attend the meeting.

Full Telephony:

Previously We use our mobile to talk with others. But now with the Microsoft 365 Business Voice is take role of our mobile.We required license to use this feature.

Hot to stop Microsoft Teams from Popping up

There are 3 methods to stop the Microsoft Teams from popping up

1)Customizing Microsoft Teams setting

2)Using Task Manager

3)Using Registry Editor.

Customizing settings


1. Right-click on the application in the taskbar in our Windows 10 operating system. Now select the settings from the Menu

2. In the settings box, untick the Autostart application and close the box.

option 2:

1. In the search bar type the Microsoft Teams and now press the search result to open the Microsoft Teams application

2. Press on your avatar that will located in the top right corner and now press the settings from the menu

3. Un-tick the Autostart application check box.

Using Task Manager

Step1: Right click in the taskbar and now select the Task manager

2: Go to the Startup tab that was in the Task manager window and now go to Microsoft Teams.

3:Choose the application and highlight that  and now press the Disable option.

Using Registry Editor

Software developers can put an entry in Registry Editor that used to control at the time of Microsoft teams starts. So, remove the entry can stop the application from popping up on startup.

Below are the steps to stop the Microsoft Teams from popping up using Registry Editor.

1.  Right-click on the Windows in the taskbar and select the run

2. Input regedit in the Run and now press on OK that will open the Registry Editor.

3. Now go the following path:


4. See the right side of the Registry Editor now you see the registry file that is com.squirrel.Teams.Teams

5. Right-click on that file and select Delete.

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