Here’s why business trips can be made easier with international plans

Whenever we have to take a business trip and fly across different nations for work, questions that often come to our mind include how can we stay connected to everyone back at home? Will it be too expensive or inconvenient? Will the network connection be secure and strong? Well, you can rest assured because Airtel’s international roaming plans are available to ensure that you get a hassle-free business trip without having to worry too much about connectivity or network during international travel. 

The International Roaming Packs offered by Airtel come bundled with several benefits and are easy on the pocket at the same time. They are sure to make your business trips smooth and relax your minds because you can easily stay connected with all your loved ones even when you are thousands of miles away.

Airtel’s international roaming packs are applicable in many popular destinations of the world including
Belgium, Australia, Bahamas, Bulgaria, Croatia, Egypt, France, Greece, Korea, Indonesia, Italy, Laos, Hong Kong, Germany, Czech Republic, and Canada among others. 

What are some of the popular international roaming packs from Airtel?

  1. Rs 496: The validity of this plan is for one day. It offers unlimited incoming calls, 500 MB, 100 min local/India calls, and 100 SMS. 
  2. Rs 649: The validity of this plan is for one day. It offers unlimited incoming calls, 500 MB, 100 min local/India calls, and 100 SMS. 
  3. Rs 799: The validity of this plan is for 30 days. This plan offers 100 minutes of incoming and local/India calls. 
  4. Rs 1499: The validity of this plan is for 10 days. This plan offers unlimited incoming calls, 3 GB data, 250 mins local/India calls, and 100 SMS. 
  5. Rs 2499: The validity of this plan is for 10 days. This plan offers unlimited incoming calls, 5 GB data, 500 mins local/India calls, and 100 SMS. 
  6. Rs 3599: The validity of this plan is for 10 days. This plan offers unlimited incoming calls, 3 GB data, 250 mins local/India calls, and 100 SMS. 
  7. Rs 5999: The validity of this plan is for 90 days. This plan offers 300 mins incoming calls, 300 mins India calls, and 100 SMS.

For more details, you can visit the airtel recharge plan pages and select the one that best meets your requirements. 

How will these plans make business trips easier? 

With the plans that offer free data, you can send emails, or conduct video and audio conferences online even while you are traveling. For example, while sitting at an airport waiting for your flight, or while being in a cab on the way to your office, you can work from anywhere with these plans. Even when you are halfway across the world, you can easily stay connected with your colleagues in India and never miss out on important work updates. 

The availability of unlimited incoming calls and long hours of outgoing calls will help you stay connected with your family and friends as well. After returning from work, you can just give a call to your loved ones and chat with them for long hours without worrying too much about the cost. 

Don’t have time to talk for long hours? Is the time difference between India and wherever you are causing a bit of a problem? Well, worry not. Just use up your 100 SMSes and leave lovely messages for your close ones to wake up to! 

Who says these plans are just useful when you’re at work? Even when you are taking an international vacation, these plans can come in handy. Picture this, you are at a beach, sipping your favorite drink while enjoying a great sunset and suddenly feel like calling your bestie to share your experience. You needn’t wait to go back home to do this. You can just call them up and get them to accompany you virtually via Airtel plans. 

Once you avail an Airtel sim card, you will not only be able to get these international roaming plans but other value-packed prepaid plans as well!

What benefits do other prepaid Airtel plans have?

Airtel’s prepaid mobile plans require a fixed payment in advance wherein a user has to prepay a certain amount to enjoy the various benefits that the plan has to offer. With Airtel prepaid plans, users can avail of unlimited calling, 4G internet, full talk time, roaming, SMS services, and a lot more. These affordable mobile packs are best suited for those who do not require a very high volume of data and/or calling.

Additional benefits of some of the Airtel prepaid plans include a complimentary subscription to the mobile edition of Amazon Prime Video, Apollo 24/7 circle, free online courses at Shaw Academy, Rs 100 cashback on FASTag, free Wynk Music, and Free hello tunes among others. 

Various prepaid mobile packs from Airtel include – Truly Unlimited, Smart Recharge, Data, Talk time, among others. 

With these plans, not only will you get a fast internet connection, but also a lot of fun and entertainment. With Amazon Prime Video’s complimentary subscription, you can watch your favorite content in the form of films and shows from a variety of genres like action, romance, comedy, etc. for free. With Wynk Music, you can listen to your favorite tunes on-the-go, and even save them for offline mode. Having a free subscription to Shaw Academy can help you learn better and broaden your knowledge regarding the topics of your interest. 

So, you see, Airtel’s prepaid plans do more than just provide network services. These all-in-one plans are more like one-stop solutions to all your digital aspirations and are sure to enhance your digital life greatly. They are fashioned in such a way that each and every one of you will be able to find a plan that perfectly aligns with your requirements while offering additional benefits as well. These plans not only ensure flawless international connectivity, but also local connectivity along with entertainment, education, and fun. Avail them now to take your digital life to the next level!

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