Best Growth Tactics to get more Instagram Followers

Instagram surely has become a prominent social network lately. It is a platform for models to launch themselves, companies to collect huge customer bases, and whatnot.  Below this article provides a information about Best Growth Tactics to get more Instagram Followers.

Can you follow a similar path? Sure, why not! Here is a case study to prove it.

Heard of Foundr Magazine?? Well, after its launch in 2013, it has an Instagram following of more than 500,000 users in 12 months which was over 1.8 million 5 years after its launch. 

This made Foundr a serious entrepreneurial magazine and today its owner Nathan wants to share his Instagram strategy. Following are some important points to increase Instagram followers.

Tactics to get more Instagram Follower

Here are some plants to get more Instagram followers, according to Nathan!

  1. Make good use of your bio

When starting, you should set your account and bio. Make sure you use your bio link appropriately. As Instagram provides just one clickable link, make sure you use it to your fullest.

Rather than sending your visitors to your website, create a landing page with an offer to attract your followers to create long-lasting relationships.

It could be a free video, book, or a chance to subscribe to your newsletter. This will help you get extra attention from Instagram to get conversions.

Because Instagram is a mobile-friendly platform, make sure the landing pages are designed accordingly. After the bio link has been optimized, you can commence posting.

2. Draft a solid content strategy

To be successful on Instagram, make sure you know what to post. Some of the basic rules for proper content creation are:

  • Consistency
  • Proper theme
  • Aesthetics
  • Videos to generate maximum engagement


Strategize a consistent message and post a lot. Do not miss a single day of posting. The more you post, the quicker your growth is. 

You can post around 5-7 times a day and respond to comments and interact with your followers. This will get you a great engagement rate. This will help you to increase your Instagram followers.

There are tools that allow you to plan your post and eventually post for you at the times you have selected. Reading the review, you can select an appropriate tool for your Instagram profile. Posting enhances engagement which eventually brings more followers, leading to an increase in your customers.

Proper theme

Regardless of your niche, your account should match your target audience’s interest. Your theme should aspire your customers. Engaging quotes and motivational pictures which can trigger any emotion is the best theme to go for.


Instagram is all about graphics. Hence, you need to create eye-catching content to get noticed. A good account should have the best color scheme and related pictures. You can either use original pictures or use tools such as Wordswag, Typorama to create the type of pictures your users love. 

Use video

Video marketing is very beneficial. It really helped Foundr. However, you need to make a personal approach to connect with your targeted audience on Instagram.

Use Instagram stories

Stories are a famous feature of Instagram. Stories rest on the top of users’ feeds for 24 hours. So, maybe your post doesn’t appear for long for your followers, stories have a bigger chance. 

Users can include links in their stories as an additional bonus. If you are a brand wanting some fun without being too corporate, stories are perfect for you.

3. Choose things that don’t scale

When your account is in its growing phase, choose things that cannot be automated and do them on your own.

It is important to give a personal touch to your profile. Some of the tips are:

  • Discover hashtags to know what is trending
  • Interact directly with your users with replies
  • Use your name in comments to let people know they are talking to you
  • Participate on competitor pages
  • Make sure you answer every comment on your account

Nathan also suggested that working with influencers will help you get a good number of followers. Though you can find influencers automatically via tools, outreach doesn’t scale. So, make personal relationships like sending emails, using social media platforms, and meeting them face to face.

4. Make use of shoutouts

A post from someone important can help you reach millions of new users. 

Pay an influencer

You can do this by paying an influencer. You can just approach an influencer, make offers, negotiate and hire them. 

There are agencies to do this work for you. They choose influencers for you depending on relevance. Tribe, Forbes, etc. offer this service. 

Present a share

You can share their content in exchange for them sharing yours. However, be realistic and don’t approach someone with hundreds of thousands of followers when you just have hundreds. 

Offer free things

Well, you can always offer the influencers free souvenirs for a shoutout.

5. Accept analytics

Select analytics tools to find out what’s working for you and where you lack. You can use it to track your follower growth, ROI as well as sharing rate of your users. 

Some of the tools available for you are SocialBlade, SocialRank, Iconosquare, Minter, etc.

6. Double your Instagram stories

As you know Stories are at the top of your followers’ feed. But, good stories can reach to users not following you. 

The hashtags and location tags used by you can be used to search for content. Hence, double your stories and make sure they are reasonable.

7. Prevent the shadowban

Remember, Instagram updates its list of banned hashtags regularly. If you use it in your content, your post will not appear in searches. Hence, make sure you don’t use the same tags again and again. Use only relevant, targeted hashtags in your content. 

8. Work on your off-insta game too

You should also promote your Instagram account in other places on the internet. Promoting your Insta on other social media platforms and online sites will help you more engaged audience. 

9.Run a competition or contest

A lot of businesses hold social media content to gain engagement and acquire new followers for their accounts. 

The best way is to offer prizes to users who share and invite their friends to join. This helps the businesses gain new followers.

10. Use all Instagram features

The Instagram algorithm identifies that account that uses all the features of the app. So, if you want more people to check out your feeds, then work with a full range of Instagram features.

You should use it on stories, videos, posts as well as highlights. The more variations you bring, the better your content will do in the algorithm.

So, these are the ten steps to developing a robust Instagram profile. Hope this guide helps you gain more followers quickly.

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