Groundbreaking Technologies to Prevent Truck Crashes

Groundbreaking Technologies

It seems that it’s almost impossible to prevent trucking accidents on the roads of America. The number of fatalities resulting from these accidents is increasing with every passing day. But Groundbreaking Technologies to Prevent Truck Crashes

It’s difficult to pinpoint any particular reason for truck accidents in this part of the world. This makes finding solutions to the problem even more difficult. However, it seems technology can help in making the situation better by reducing the number of these accidents. 

The section below talks about some ground-breaking technologies governments and trucking companies can use for preventing truck crashes. 

Eyelid Monitoring 

Eyelid Monitoring is a technology that uses cabin-mounted cameras to monitor the truck driver’s eyelids. Whenever the camera finds that the driver’s eyelid is drooping, the eyelid monitoring system alerts him/her of impending danger by ringing an alarm. 

There are high-end systems available on the market that are capable of sensing movements of the driver’s head that indicate that he/she is feeling sleepy. Indeed, installing such devices will require trucking companies to spend big amounts. However, those amounts are not much compared to the price of a new truck. Additionally, by preventing accidents, those devices will also save hundreds of lives. 

Automatic Brakes 

The world has recently witnessed the advent of another pioneering technology that can help truckers to avoid crashes. The various technologies would warn drivers about impending lane obstructions and thereby prevent collisions that may occur due to those obstructions. 

Systems running on the said technology will use radars for applying automatic brakes the moment they would detect any possibility of a crash. These systems are also capable of helping trucks in maintaining a safe distance with all adjacent vehicles by using a feature called cruise control. 

ESC or Electronic Stability Control

This is not a new technology. It has been used to make driving safer and easier for car drivers for several years. Recently, even the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has acknowledged the utility of ESC. The NHTSA is currently taking necessary steps to make the technology compulsory for large trucks operating in the country. 

ESC-based systems are computerized systems that help in controlling the brake and steering of vehicles. They work by reducing rollovers during emergencies. If you install these systems in your trucks, your chances of meeting accidents will reduce significantly. 

Remote Data Feed

Installing sensors designed to generate constant data feed and forward them for enabling real-time monitoring in trucks can also be helpful in preventing accidents. These sensors can help the system to detect abnormal driving behaviors like drifting or swerving across roadways and thereby issue warnings for the drivers before it’s too late. 

Safety managers will be able to view the videos later and find out whether the problems resulted from driver fatigue or drunk driving. This will make it easier for the trucking companies to identify negligent and irresponsible drivers. 

Final Words 

While the above-mentioned technologies have the potential to prevent truck accidents, correct application of the technologies holds the key. If you have plans to install any of these systems in your truck, get in touch with an expert for appropriate guidance. 


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