Top 20+ Google Search Tricks and Hacks in 2020

Millions of people use Google Search Tricks and Hacks every day for doing searches and resolving their queries. But unless you are a technology geek chances are less that you know how to do the searching efficiently so that you can get instant answers for your questions. So today we are here to tell you how to use Google in its simplest form so that you can get a direct answer to your query without wasting much time and effort.


Google Search Tricks & Tips to Use Google More Efficiently and Get Special Results

We are sharing with you some tricks so that you can get the right answer for your queries without visiting several websites.

1. Calculator

Google search also works as a Calculator, i.e., it can help you solve the math problems. You just need to type an expression and Google will give you the result. For example: check the screenshot below:

Google Search Tricks and Hacks

2. Currency Conversions

There is no need to go to currency converter websites to know the current currency exchange rates. You can just type ‘Currency converter‘ in Google search box, and it will give you statistics where you can see the rates of currencies. Or you can directly type your query in the search box, e.g., ‘1 dollar in rupees’ and it will give you the result. Google Search Tricks and Hacks

3. Unit Conversions

Google can also help you with Unit conversions. You just need to type your query in the search box like ‘1 km in meters’ and Google will give you the result. You can change units according to your requirements.


4. Tip Calculator

Google has inbuilt Tip Calculator also. You just need to type ‘Tip Calculator’, and Google will open it that will help you in adjusting the bill, tip %, and the number of people splitting it.tip-calculator-google-trick

5. Weather

You can know the weather of any place by just typing ‘Weather {Name of place}‘ or ‘Weather {Pin code of the place}’.google-weather-trick

6. Translate

You don’t need to open Google Translate to do the translation. You can directly ask Google to do it via search. E.g., ‘I love you Mummy in French’.

7. Stock Results

You can know the stock results of any company by searching for its valid ticker symbol. Or you can search it by typing {companyName stock market}.google-stock-trick-method

8. Stopwatch or Timer

Google has inbuilt stopwatch and timer. You just need to type ‘Stopwatch’, or ‘Timer’ and Google will show it to you. stopwatch-timer-trick

9. Sunrise and Sunset Times

You can get the exact sunrise and sunset times of any location across the world through Google search. You just need to type {cityName sunrise} or {cityName sunset} and Google will give you the

10. Flight Status

You can get the flight information, status, and other related information directly in Google by typing the flight number in Google search box.

11. Sports Scores & Schedules

You can know the latest sports scores and future schedules of your favorite teams and match-ups. You can type the name of a single team name, or two team names and Google will give you the latest results.

12. Get your IP address

You can get your current public IP address by typing ‘my IP‘ in

13. Population count

Google tricks can be used to know the population of any city, state, or country by just typing {population nameOfLocation} in Google search box.population-counter-trick-google

14. Dictionary Definition

You can use Google search as a dictionary tool also. Just type ‘Define anyWord‘ to know the meaning of a word. You can also listen to how to pronounce the word.

15. Movies

If you want to know the currently running movie show nearby you, you can get it by typing ‘Movies‘ in Google search box.

16. Tic Tac Toe

If you are getting bored, then you can play ‘tic tac toe‘ game on Google. You just need to search for tic tac toe, and it will open the game to play.tic-tac-toe-google-game

17. Find Related Websites

If you want to find websites similar to the one you like, then you can use the ‘related‘ keyword. E.g., related: Amazon related-amazon-websites-trick

18. Specific Document Type

If you want to find the results that are of a specific type, you can use the modifier ‘filetype‘. Syntax: {Search term} {filetype} {:} {typeOfFile}.

E.g. marketing skills filetype: pdffiletype-extension-download

19. News in a Specific Location

If you want news related to a specific location, you can use ‘location:‘ command. E.g., today’s headlines location: Bangalore

20. Missing Words

If you have forgotten any word from a song, movie, or phrase, then you can use an asterisk * as a wildcard to find out the missing word in that particular

Final Words on Google Tricks and Hacks

These are some unusual ways by which you can improve Google search and make it more effective. If you know more then please let us know in the comment section below and don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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