Getting Started With Instagram Video Ads

To capitalize on Instagram’s growing user base and increase brand awareness among the general public, businesses frequently use promotional tools, including Instagram video ads. Instagram may have started as a photo-sharing app, but it has rapidly expanded to include (and prioritize) videos.

What are Instagram video ads?

Instagram ads are promoted posts that various brands and businesses can use to grow in popularity among Instagram users. Instagram ads, like Facebook ads, display across the social media platform, including in users’ feeds, Explore, and Stories. 

These ads appear like regular posts except that they always have the word “sponsored” in the post’s description. They also typically include extras, like links, product catalogs, and call-to-action buttons, that regular posts don’t have. In addition, Instagram video advertising specifications must be adhered to when you make and share the video. 

Instagram video ads give users a more in-depth look at a company’s products and services. While in-feed videos can be up to an hour long, the most successful advertising tends to be shorter, so viewers remain engaged with the content. 

Why you need to use Instagram video ads to promote your business

A recent survey indicates that in 2021, Meta’s Instagram will have 1.21 billion monthly active users, more than 28% of the global internet users. It is projected that by 2025, the social media platform will have approximately 1.44 billion monthly active users, representing 31.2% of the total number of users of the internet worldwide.

This anticipated rise in users presents a significant opportunity for businesses. However, it comes with a few negatives, including increased rivalry among entrepreneurs as the globe continues toward a digital future. The only way to keep ahead of the competition, which is already a limitation for businesses, is to make sure that you reach out to your audience using the creative Instagram video ads approach. 

Here are some reasons why businesses need IG video ads. 

A growing audience:

Instagram is rapidly expanding. This presents an excellent opportunity for companies to use the growing audience to create brand awareness and significantly widen their business range.


60% of Instagram users say they discover products and services through Instagram, and 75% say they take action, like visiting a website, conducting a search, or telling a friend, after reading an Instagram post.


Most users spend at least half an hour every day interacting with various social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. In addition, Instagram and Facebook account for 20% of all mobile time in the US.


Facebook’s advertising system features excellent targeting capabilities. You can narrow your reach by defining your intended audience’s demographics, hobbies, and online habits. You can also target previous customers or people who have interacted with your brand. 

How much do Instagram video ads cost?

The cost of Instagram video ads varies depending on a range of factors. Some contributors to costs are:


IG video ads can be quite pricey, depending on their location. You should expect to pay more for video advertising if you want them displayed in more prominent locations.

When you make an ad in the Meta Ads Manager, you can select specific placements for Instagram. Automatic placements are highly recommended, as they will maximize your ad’s delivery and budget by strategically placing your advertising across the site.

Proposed bid price

The cost of an Instagram marketing campaign is determined by the amount you’re willing to bid. Identify a price range in which you would be willing to invest in lead generation. The total you spend is also affected by the amount you bid.

Instagram’s increased bid amounts mean you should factor in higher costs per click and view. Spending just $500 on advertising at a $2 CPC will net you just 250 impressions. But if you spend $1000 with a CPC of $2, you can get around 500 clicks. 

Ad relevancy score

Instagram gives your video ad a score based on how relevant it thinks it will be to the people exposed and adjusts your ad price accordingly. 

Instagram’s feed displays content that the company believes will interest its users. Your business account score will be determined by how well your advertisement performs. A higher relevance score results from favorable user feedback on your ad. Examples of such behaviors are clicking links, commenting, and “liking” the post.

The opposite is true for activities like hiding the ad, which signifies an uninterested reaction. The ad’s performance will suffer because of a lower relevancy score.

More prominent placement is given to ads with higher relevance scores. If your ad is more targeted, you should expect to pay less. More people will engage with your campaign, which means more leads for you.


Inevitably, the cost of your Instagram video ads will be affected by the cost of those of your competitors. There will always be rival businesses with similar goals, and these businesses are also vying for the same consumers’ attention. Instagram video ad prices can fluctuate depending on the competition you face.

A bidding war may ensue if multiple advertisers set their sights on the same consumers. Various businesses will compete with one another to secure prime advertising spots. For this reason, your cost-per-click (CPC) may increase as you compete with similar ads.

The time frame

To determine whether or not your budget will be sufficient to reach your target audience within the specified time frame, create a test campaign in Ads Manager and check out the “Estimated Daily Results” and “Audience Definition” sections.

Particularly around Christmas, there is more competition than usual. Due to increased competition, the cost-per-click (CPC) for reaching quality leads has increased. Your advertisement’s timing and cost must consider any relevant holidays or events.

How to make Instagram video ads

Instagram businesses mostly employ video for advertising because it increases viewership and interaction with their brand. That’s why you need a top-notch, creative video that people will want to watch and interact with. 

Producing these kinds of videos might be challenging at times. Creativity, video-editing software, and time are all necessary. Even though you can make this on your own, ask yourself if the hassle is worth it and if you can successfully make a professional, high-quality video. 

An alternative to amateur video production is hiring a professional videographer. You may focus on other forms of advertising with the peace of mind that comes from working with a reliable video producer who can provide high-quality work, with the correct Instagram video ad specs, on time.

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