How Garage Doors Can Improve the Looks of Your House

Home renovation can be an exhausting process where many homeowners give advantage to functionality over aesthetics. Don’t get me wrong, both play a big role, but finding the balance between the two is usually neglected. Whether you want to renovate your home for yourself, or if you are looking to sell, it is always good to give the exterior a nice facelift.

A beautiful facade decorated with fine-looking gates and garage doors will provide the necessary ‘’oomph’’ for the best-looking home in the neighbourhood. I wanted to learn more tricks of the trade on how to improve the price of my home by upgrading garage doors so I went to Radford Gates.

Garage Doors

Color is Everything

Choosing the right paint for your garage doors is a must. Whether you want them to be neutral or stand out, you need to make sure the color matches the material of the garage, the roof, and the rest of the house. It is important to make your doors stand out by using contrast, but also not overdo it. Use grey, brown, and black – sophisticated and contemporary


This sounds as simple as changing the looks of your garage door in a game. In reality, it is that simple. Garage doors should never be overlooked, especially if you’ve given your entire home a fresh coat of paint. Old and worn-out garage doors will diminish the effort you put in to refresh the rest of your home. Luckily, there is a quick and cheap solution, provided there’s no major damage to the door that would require replacement.

Sure, buying new, modern garage doors is always the best solution, but if your budget can’t handle that right now, you can apply a new skin. It is fast to install and you can choose something to match the rest of the house. This will not increase safety and access, since it’s still your old doors, but the looks will definitely improve. Give your old garage doors a new skin, until you finally decide to replace them.

Get Creative

If you are bored with the exterior of your house, and if everybody in the neighbourhood seems to be having much more fun, it is time for an upgrade. You only need to decide if you want to attract attention or you’d rather be in line with the rest of the homes.

Garage doors and gates are the first to welcome any visitors’ view, and ideally, you want to leave a good impression from the get-go. I’d recommend carriage-style doors. Not only do they bring warmth and a homey feel, but also sport a more old-school and traditional wooden touch.

You can also put windows to allow natural light and air circulation. You will get both street appeal but also reduce the electricity bill.

Garage and Fence in One

Exterior gates and fences can be mixed with garage doors to create something practical and good-looking. If you have an old fence, you can save space and increase the safety of your property by opting for garage doors to greet comers.

This arrangement is useful if you already have a fence and are looking for a way to upgrade it. This ‘’pre-garage’’ is a great introduction to the rest of the house. This is where being creative applies as well.

Useful Addons

Besides curb appeal, you want your new, or old garage doors to improve the quality of life too. Insulation is a good option for keeping a steady temperature without having to spend too much on heating. Smart unlocking, as a more contemporary option, will increase security. If you don’t want to go too deep into new tech stuff, but still want an upgrade, you buy a new remote system.

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