Windstream Delivers Faster Kinetic Internet Speeds

Kinetic Internet Speeds
Kinetic Internet Speeds

In this time of tumultuous surroundings, we are on an outlook of survival and hope. We are depending on the internet for a better lifestyle and earning, this is a requirement as we have moved almost completely to the online world. Businesses have shifted online, we are working remotely and kids are taking their classes online. What is required for all these activities? A good internet connection. There are many options to choose from but Windstream internet is now offering kinetic internet services that are faster than ever. We are comprehending all the details regarding their kinetic internet service for you based on real facts and reviews.

What is kinetic internet?

Currently, there are 4 different kinds of internet services in the United States. The oldest type of internet service technology is the satellite and then it shifted to DSL service that used phone lines and phone jack to provide internet service. DSL is still being used by the majority of Americans as it covers more areas than any other technology. The broadband internet is used by millions of people that use copper wire and coaxial cables to provide internet service in the vast majority. The latest technology is fiber-optics that uses glass tubes that provide the highest internet speed, Windstream offers DSL, Cable, and Kinetic internet which is a fiber-optic connection.

Is kinetic internet faster?

Kinetic Internet is faster than DSL or Copper wire internet. One common confusion is that the speeds that are mentioned are the same for all three technologies then what is the difference? If you choose 100 Mbps through DSL, Copper Wire, and Fiber Optic, you will be able to notice a great difference, speed can be the same but with but fiber optics will let you enjoy faster browsing and you will be able to see an evident difference.

What are the speed options?

Windstream offers different speeds that you may choose from according to your requirement or usage. We recommend you to mention your usage to the sales rep when you plan to sign up for the services, tell them clearly about how many people will be using the internet and how many devices you plan to connect.

  • The minimum speed is 25 Mbps for almost $30 a month. You can watch Netflix, do your work and browse as much as you want with this speed. You may connect 2 to 3 devices easily.
  • With 50 Mbps for almost $35 a month, you can attach up to 4 devices and browse as much as want.
  • With the 100 Mbps for $40 approximately a month, you can easily connect 4 to 5 devices at the same time.
  • If you are looking for a higher speed, then you may opt for 200 Mbps for an estimated amount of $42 a month. It is a very high speed and you can easily play online games with this speed.
  • 400 Mbps and 500 Mbps are for $47 almost a month and this high internet speed is ideally suitable for larger families that need high-speed internet. You can also stream in 4k with this speed.
  • If you are crazy about having the highest internet speed and you call yourself an internet geek, then 1 Gig is the speed for you. It supports all kinds of games from FIFA to COD or PUBG. You can stream all your favorite videos and series in 4k.

With any packages, you will get access to Unlimited internet without any data cap so you may use your internet services without having to worry about the internet data limit. Apart from that, you are not required to sign any contracts with them. Last but not the least, you will also get free data protection for your devices to keep them protected from the virus that might corrupt your devices or damage them. With protection, you will also be able to protect your data. Security is very crucial in the online world as we add the details of our finances or different websites when we shop, it is important to add security to your internet connection for a safe and secure online presence.

How kinetic internet will benefit you?

When we face unwanted interruption while we are working or taking a class due to slow internet speed, we face difficulty to gain the same kind of focus again if we lose it once. It becomes a struggle to focus better on your tasks if you continually face speed lag issues, kinetic internet you don’t face such problems and you save an ample amount of time too.

Wrapping Up,

In conclusion, you can get faster internet through fiber optic technology and since kinetic internet by Windstream internet is a fiber optic internet connection you will get the highest internet speeds with them. With a faster internet connection, you may avoid all intrusive elements while working remotely.

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