6 Things Not to Forget at Your Farewell Pool Party

In every person that we encounter in our lives, leaving them after a particular period is such a saddening yet unavoidable moment. In school, employment, or even residence, we have that one moment in our stay from them that we need to separate and grab the path or opportunity that we aim and foresee. Here you can get 6 Things Not to Forget at Your Farewell Pool Party.

Luckily, we do not need to be sad. We can make everything great by commemorating all the experiences that we had shared. and celebrate friendships and meaningful relationships that we had built. A farewell party is indeed a joyous event in which we can express our gratitude and pleasure to the people that we have partaken the moments with: in ups and downs; in sorrows and joys. As one of the best Farewell Pool Party events, swimming is a great choice to have as it makes everything joyful and liberating. Yet, you want to know what things you should be prepared for. To identify them all, dive into this blog.

 Pool Party

1.Waterproof Wristwatch

If there is one thing that you want to bring underwater, aside from yourself and clothes, that would be the wristwatch. Aside from it keeps you aware of the exact time, it will add some style to your curves or physique. Yet, wristwatches are such delicate and sensitive timepiece jewelry by which would be the dilemma. Hence, you must bring that durable, stylish, and waterproof one. Fortunately, Omega offers the Omega Seamaster. They have a great collection of ocean-inspired wristwatches that are historically and aesthetically made by expert manufacturers and virtuoso chronographers. This collection was initially made for the British military circa the 1940s during World War II. As something to be of utmost durability and quality, the classic and authentic features of the wristwatch have been kept and developed through the decades. The aesthetics and sophistication are being empowered while the technological features are being improved. Indeed, this is an ideal craft, not just for your memorable swim, but also for your looks and time securing.


You never know how everything will flow, so it is a good thing to prepare an eye protection tool for these unexpected scenarios. The basicity or even acidity of the pool could be endured by your skin, but to your eyes, that is another talk. You may want to put on goggles to truly enjoy the swim before it could cause irritation and damage to your eyeballs. You also do not know what pathogens and chemicals are floating and mixing into the pool water. These microorganisms and microchemical are quite small to be seen by our naked eyes. And as you try to see the water below, putting on goggles is indeed a smart choice.

3.Volleyball and Hoolahoop

Of course, you do not want to make everything dull. As a smart and innovative swim game, you could play both basketball and volleyball with your teammates and colleagues underwater. You heard it right, all you need to do is to repurpose the use of Hula hoops and the ball. To play volleyball, everything is the same. Have two teams with you and get ready to play volleyball by attempting to not let the ball hit the water. Hence, that would be much more difficult than usual. To play basketball, all you need is to have two teams too and have a ring underwater on both sides of the pool. Sounds interesting, right? The goal here is to make the ball surpass the ring or the hula-hoop while swimming under the water. Enjoy the game!

4.Flip Flops

That one footwear that you don’t want to miss. Flip flops are indeed helpful for you not to be injured or wounded with the sharp materials that you did not see. Aside from that, it adds friction to the feet; hence, it prevents you from slipping. Since water somehow causes and makes the floor slippery and lessens its friction, you should wear your flip-flops on the floor. Also, you don’t want to get missed with the rooms that you need to go to like a comfort room, for instance. By having flip-flops with you, you could prevent collecting or getting dirt in your bare feet.

5.Sunscreen and Proper Attire

You don’t want to let the ultraviolet radiation harm your skin. Additionally, you want to be comfortable with the swimming activities that you will do. Hence apply a sunscreen that has a 24 sun protection factor (SPF) or greater thus, it ensures that it could truly protect your skin from burning and irritation. Having a swimming attire that protects your arms and other parts of the skin could also help. The catch here is that when you are planning to have a night swimming, make sure that you are still comfortable with your attire as our joints are much more vulnerable in the cold water than usual at night.

6.The Presentation

Of course, a nostalgic, heartwarming, and gratifying video presentation of all the memories and experiences that you share with must be exhibited, from the collected photos and video clips so that you could at least refresh and recall all those remarkable moments that have built your meaningful friendships and relationships. The video presentation will seem to summarize all those happy and sad moments; exciting and agitating memories that you have made. So at the end of the event, the entire batch could have a great time to rewind and commemorate those great and wondrous memories.


Your farewell party is much more than a party. It is an event that seeks to remind you and your colleague that not all goodbyes are sad but, a great moment for you to realize that once, you have met amazing people that allows you to discover yourself and the world, to know your worth, and to realize that you are not alone on facing the circumstances in life. Beyond that, it enables you to see the reality as it is, that leaving isn’t bad for some time and aims to push you for the betterment; to realize that is part of life.

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