Marketers Guide to Expand Your Customer Pool

Customer Pool
Customer Pool

Undoubtedly, customers are the most critical aspect of any business. After all, customers are the ones who drive sales, generating revenue and profits for a company. However, a good and loyal customer base is also essential for brand reputation and recognition. It’s safe to say that there’s a reliable and vast customer base behind every successful business. Considering the crucial importance of gaining customers, it’s not surprising that companies are incredibly competitive in attracting and retaining customers. It explains why it’s increasingly challenging to expand your customer pool given today’s cutthroat competitive environment. 

However, by following specially designed strategies and tactics, you can overcome the competition and gain the attention of countless people. You need to come up with an effective marketing plan to reach your customers and retain them. But, devising and finalizing a strategy that aligns with your business nature is no cakewalk. Therefore, this guide will ensure you implement the most effective tactics to expand your customer pool.

Research your audience

When it comes to expanding your customer pool, knowing your audience is a crucial task. To target your customers effectively, you need first to know who your ideal customers are and what they require from your company. After all, you don’t want to waste your carefully planned marketing strategies on people who aren’t interested in your company. Market segmentation plays a significant role in this regard. Divide the population into chunks of buyers based on homogenous characteristics such as age, lifestyle, income, buying behavior, etc. After identifying your potential segment, begin targeting the niche by determining their stated and underlying needs. Undoubtedly, analyzing stated needs is convenient. But to determine underlying needs, you have to research the audience thoroughly. For this purpose, you can use focus groups or one-on-one interview sessions with a few select representatives from your segmented niche. 

Furthermore, sales enablement tools help you get the right content, to the right audience, at exactly the right time. They complement marketing automation strategies and allow you to personalize the customer journey all the way. However, conducting research, evaluating target customers, and formulating marketing gimmicks requires apt skills and expertise. It will benefit your business if you hire professionals who possess relevant marketing and research skills. For instance, hiring marketers with MBA marketing online academic credentials will boost the company’s marketing activities. These individuals master marketing skills through eLearning platforms that allow them to remain abreast of changing market norms. Having them on your marketing team will provide you a competitive edge and prove lucrative in the long run. 

Target customers effectively

Once you’ve gained the required information about your audience by researching them, you can focus on targeting initiatives. Now you know which people are interested in your company, helping you design your marketing strategies accordingly. You can divide your customers into various groups to create different customer attraction strategies for each group, as every group has different needs. For example, teenagers and older individuals have significantly different requirements. Moreover, ensure to target the group that makes up the majority of your customer base.

Additionally, you can use demographic data to create buyer personas. These personas represent the different groups you’ve created as a single individual, making it easier to understand what the whole group wants. Websites based on buyer personas are 2-5 times more effective when used by targeted users. It proves that personas can significantly boost the effectiveness of your strategies.

Never compromise customer service

Customer service should be your topmost priority if you want to grow your customer base successfully. No matter how many consumers you attract, you’ll quickly lose them due to poor customer service. Staggeringly, 78% of customers switch to competitor brands because of poor customer service experience. Retaining current customers is equally important as attracting them to attain a total increase in customers.

If so, outsourcing your call center service needs to the Philippines may be the right solution. Call centers in the Philippines can be a perfect start and an excellent option for low-cost sales and customer support that will also provide you enough time to focus on your core activities.

Therefore, ensure never to compromise customer service and fulfill the needs of your customers. Responding as quickly as possible to your buyers contributes significantly to good customer service. Utilizing social media and AI-backed chatbots is an excellent way to respond to your customers quickly. Consumers are likely to recommend your company to others if they receive satisfying treatment, increasing your customer base. Moreover, you can also allow your customers to write complaints and recommendations to improve customer service. As a result, you’ll be able to treat your customers the way they want you to.

Utilize partnerships

It’s very likely for your potential customers, alongside existing ones, to have relationships with many different companies. That creates an excellent opportunity for you to avail and attract new customers while also retaining existing ones. You can develop relationships with companies that have a similar audience to attract new customers. Once people become aware of the partnership, they’re likely to try out your services or products. More importantly, alliances make it easier for you to provide exciting offers and incentives for your customers, which helps retain new customers. For example, you can team up with another company to offer a free product or service. However, ensure to create partnerships with companies that have a loyal customer base and good reputation.

To find companies willing to form partnerships, you can utilize networking. Industry or non-industry business-related events can be an excellent place to develop partnerships. There are often many business owners that are looking to form partnerships in such events. 

Increase your reach

A limited reach can halt your company’s capability to attract a new audience, no matter what strategies you use. Therefore, it’s essential to increase the scope of your company to find new potential customers. An effective way to do so is by creating an online presence in the digital market. After considering the vast potential and popularity of the digital market, it’s safe to say that it’s the future of new era marketing. People find it convenient to interact with companies online instead of getting products and services in person. Therefore, ensure to take advantage of this fact. More importantly, the digital market can connect your business to the whole world, leading to unlimited global reach.

You can start by creating a website for your company, using digital marketing strategies to gain popularity online. However, social media is equally important in increasing your reach. Almost every individual uses social media these days, and you can’t simply ignore this chunk. 


When we talk about developing a successful business, creating a loyal customer base is the first thing that comes to our mind. Customers are the most crucial factor behind the success of any business today. Therefore, it’s essential to prioritize growing your customer pool. The fierce competition and increasing needs of people indeed make it challenging to gain new customers. However, this guide can help you counter the competition and stand out from the crowd through innovative techniques and strategies.

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